Jueying, a four-legged robot

Zhejiang University in eastern China released a four-legged robot that is able to run and climb stairs. The new “Jueying” robot, a small dog-like robot that can handle 20 kg weights, is 1 meter long, 60 cm tall and weighs about 70kg. The robot is totally electric, can stay up for about two hours on a full charge, and can keep running at a top speed of a little more than 6 km per hour.

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“The new ‘Jueying’ handles impact better since it find balance when it encounters a collision, and resumes it’s mobility while running,” said Zhu Qiuguo, a noteworthy engineer  and major developer of “Jueying”with Zhejiang University.

The new robot additionally has superb rough terrain mobility and solidness. “We made some adjustments to the robot’s control frame work so it can have quick pressure reactions to adapt to a crisis,” said Dr. LiChao, an individual from the Yueying group.

The original of “Jueying” was released in February 2018 and is viewed as a delegate of the most recent quadruped-robot technologyin Asia. The robot is relied upon to be used for security checks,coordinations, education and research. Watch the video below

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