5 best anti-theft backpacks for safe tavel

Whether you’re planing on taking off on the hotly anticipated holiday, going on an end of the week outing or just driving to work at an ungodly hour,  you will require a pack to put your things in. In this post, we investigate 5 best anti-theft backpacks for a protected and easy trip.

What is an anti-theft backpack?

An antitheft backpack is a special bag that is difficult to open without the owner’s consent. Most anti-theft backpacks have their zippers covered up in a hidden layer of fabric or have canvas overlayers that secure all the backpack  openings.This way, it will be practically impossible for someone to sneakily open the backpack when it’s being worn — as the owner will feel something. More so, some have USB charging ports, empowering you to charge effortlessly as you move about.

Now, how about we get to the fun part shall? Here are:

5 best anti-theft backpacks

  1. MARK RYDEN anti-theft backpack with USB port, $31.99


The MARK RYDEN anti-theft backpack comes with a stylish design — a signature of most bags and backpacks produced using Oxford fabric. The backpack is durable, water-resistant. The anti-theft feature  is in the top flap that covers the drawstring and keeps your belongings safe from unwanted attention. Another incredible feature is the inbuilt USB port — you can undoubtedly charge your devices easily without without bothering about leaving things behind. click here to see more details on gearbest.

2. AUGUR anti-theft travel backpack with USB port, $24.99

If you are searching for a more downplayed backpack — try out the modest dark AUGUR anti-theft backpack. This knapsack does not draw any attention with its dull colour, but rather stores a lot of usefulness within — *) inside key chain holder,*) PC interlayer, and *) mobile phone pocket. The zipper closure makes it difficult to take anything from within this backpack. The travel backpack additionally comes with a USB port — a simple solution for charging your gadgets effortlessly. The preppy style makes it suitable for students. Click here to see more details on gearbest

Anti-theft canvas backpack with USB port, $37.87

For those always on the lookout for something different, there is this canvas travel backpack with anti-theft features. Made from high-quality canvas, the backpack sports an oversized cover for all of its zippers that will make it impossible for the bad guys to get into your valuables. Just as the previous options, the backpack comes with a built-in USB port for the ultimate on-the-go charging convenience. Click here to see more details on gearbest.

Casual anti-theft canvas backpack with USB port, $16.99

Once again, we offer you a darker option for the canvas travel backpack. This one comes with a much simpler and less conspicuous design — but has much of the same functionality. All of the backpack’s zippers are well-hidden in the canvas fabric and will prevent any mischievous attempts from wrong-doers. The backpack comes with a USB port — so there is no problem charging your smartphone, tablet or other devices on the go. The backpack is also available in gray and dark blue. Click here to view more details on gearbest

MEIZU leisure travel backpack, $33.99

Last but not at all least, we have the MEIZU travel backpack, which is a bit different from the models features above. The backpack is absolutely minimalistic — and yet incredibly stylish. The whole backpack is made from one cut of fabric, making for a truly smooth texture. The backpack is made from a mix of oxford cloth and PVC and has its main zipper cleverly hidden. You will not find a USB port in this model — but this travel backpack pursues another goal: simplicity and style. Click here to see more details on gearbest.

Still not satisfied ?

In case you want to explore other options,  Aliexpress offers you a whole bunch of anti-theft backpacks at affordable prices. click here to see more anti-theft backpacks on aliexpress.

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