The best laptop bags (2020) are the ones that are affordable, durable, portable, and comfortable to carry around. They tend to have enough space to accommodate your laptop and other essential things you need. Most of them come with a variety of pockets, allowing you not to only fit your laptop, but also your pens, water, battery pack, notebooks, and other important materials.

Although the world is now more addicted to Mobile phone’s, and other lesser size technologies, nevertheless, nothing beats laptops when it comes to absolute performance rate. Furthermore, if you’ve got a lot of breakable materials/aluminum with you when traveling, or going to work, you’ll need one of the best laptop bags to protect it. Perhaps, when going for conference meetings, business meetings, or vacations, you’ll need a bag that’s comfortable, portable, protective, and good looking. Maybe that entails going for the best nice-looking backpack, briefcase style, or a simple smart cover for your laptop. However, you don’t have to worry as we included all of these designs on our best 5 laptop bags 2020.

Our top choice of laptop bags are comfortable, stylish, and features easily adjustable straps. We’ve got a series of bags that’ll best suit your taste, alongside their various prices in Naira. They’re of superior quality, budget-friendly, and tend to last longer. On the next subheading below is a list of our best 5 laptop bags pick. Take a look at our list and pick the one that’ll best suit your desire and serve your traveling needs.

Our Best 5 Laptop Bags at a Glance

  1. AmazonBasics Shoulder Bag Carrying Case
  2. Peak Design Everyday Messenger
  3. Timbuk2 Spire
  4. Mancro Anti-Theft Backpack
  5. Samsonite REMAGG Gridlok Backpack

AmazonBasics Shoulder Bag Carrying Case


Weight: 1.01P | Size: 15.5×2.8 x12-inch | Max Capacity: N/A | Color: 1 | Price in Nigeria: N6,500-10,000

In terms of maintaining a low key presence, or if you don’t want a bag that’ll give you neck or shoulder pain, the AmazonBasics shoulder bag will be perfect for you. It’s sleek, lightweight, and compact design allows you to discretely carry your laptop anyhow you want, either by the shoulder or by using the handle.

Although it comes only in black color design, the laptop carrier serves its job of protecting your laptop and other peripherals from pole to post. However, there are no standout features, but it’s very cheap for those on a low budget, while still maintaining it’s comfortability and flexibility

Peak Design Everyday Messenger


Weight: 2.4P | Size: 16.9×7.1 x11.8-inch | Max Capacity: 14-18-Liters | Color: 2 | Price in Nigeria: N84,000-95,000

The Peak design messenger laptop bag is one of the best available in the market today. Its magnetic MagLatch will do the wonders for you, while still securing your laptop. Furthermore, the bag is very easy to open and comes with some customizable flexfold dividers which allow you to set up the storage space according to your taste.

Additionally, the bag features a comfy changeable shoulder strap, alongside adjustable waist straps to assist in balancing heavy loads. The bag comes with an additional padded laptop sleeve that’ll fit all laptop sizes. The only backslide is the high price tag, but if you can shy away from the price, the Peak design messenger is the perfect bag for your laptop.

Timbuk2 Spire


Weight: 2.4P | Size: 12.4×5.1×18.7-inch | Max Capacity: 30-Liters | Color: 6 | Price in Nigeria: N35,000-50,000

Laptops are a major investment and accomplishment, that’s why you’ve to protect them with the best waterproof bag, to save-guard them against snow or smoke. The Timbuk2 Spire features a unified waterproof roll-up, designed to prevent any liquid from finding a way into your bag and harming your expensive laptop and other personal details.

The Timbuk2 Spire is specifically designed to suit 15-inch MacBook laptops, and comes with an additional tablet pocket, alongside other numerous pockets for your laptop peripherals. It comes in six multi-color gamuts.

Mancro Anti-Theft Backpack


Weight: 1.5P | Size: 20×12.2×5.7-inch | Max Capacity: 22-Liters | Color: 6 | Price in Nigeria: N15,000-25,000

When it comes to quality security laptop bags, nothing beats the Mancro Anti-Theft Backpack. It’s specifically designed for commuters who move around with expensive laptops and gears. They do the perfect job in terms of securing your laptop and other peripherals from hoodlums. They comes with some tiny lock that’s plain and very easy to slide through the zipper holes.

The main bag can store any 15-inch laptops or tablets. The Mancro Anti-theft bag comes with multi-compartments that keeps your items safe and well organized. Furthermore, it features an inbuilt USB charging port that can be used to power compatible devices when your Anker charger is not available.

Samsonite REMAGG Gridlok Backpack


Weight: 3.46P | Size: 18x12x8-inch | Max Capacity: N/A | Color: 1 | Price in Nigeria: N45,000-65,000

When going for vacations, competition, or lugging your high-end gaming console, you’ll need a quality bag that can accommodate your laptop, alongside other peripherals. The Samsonite company has the absolute solution in the name of REMAGG Gridlok Backpack. The body is compiled with high-quality DuPont Kevlar fibers that not only give the bag a sleek look but amazing leather durability.

The main bag can accommodate a 17-inch laptop, alongside your gaming console, and other gaming peripherals. There are other dedicated compartments that can store your controllers, cables, USB cord, graphics cards, and other pieces of equipment. The Samsonite REMAGG Gridlok Backpack is an amazing all-in-one compact laptop carrier that can give you the best space for your numerous .

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