7 Best Upcoming PS5 Games every Nigerian should know

The Long anticipated PS5 has been launched and released. However, the game titles of the PS5 game console has been announced since June. More and more games have been revealed after then. The PS5 game console should be a must-buy for every gamer. Amazing games and features are worth every price it’s tagged at. Lots of multi-choice PS5 games have been released such as FIFA 21 and Maiden 21, I know you won’t like to miss it. Some of the PS5 games won’t be released until 2020 like the likes of Horizon Forbidden West.

While we’re still waiting for the much anticipated PS5 game console, even though the price and specs are yet to be released; during the launching presentation, Sony put on one heck outstanding showcase of the PS5 in its hour-long gameplay presentation. With over 40 games titles confirmed so far, Sony’s PS5 game console is going to be immersive and astonishing. Sony’s exclusive game titles are setting a high visual standard.

Recently, there’s been plenty of competition among many game developers, Microsoft recently has a huge number of Xbox games and exclusives in it’s July game launching. Below, we’ve compiled the list of top 7 PS5 games that have been confirmed so far. Just stay connected as we explain their whole details to you.

7 Best Upcoming PS5 Games

  1. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  2. Madden NFL 21
  3. Starfield
  4. Deathloop
  5. Godfall
  6. Heavenly Bodies
  7. FIFA 21

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Upcoming PS5 Gmae

The popular game maker Ubisoft has confirmed that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla game is coming to PS5. Vikings rader actor; Eivor who leads their clan on a raid to the Shores of England on a mission of settling down for good. But opposition from Saxons won’t make it an easy journey.

This Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed game inclines more into RPG principles. They require players to build their empire and manage settlements, form alliances and raid towns, and as well customize their characters.

Madden NFL 21

The EA long-running annual game is getting a dedicated PS5 version. Although the Maiden NFL will be an improved version of the game. The Maiden is, therefore, bringing a whole new and upgraded features to the Sony Game console.

The stick skill is now upgraded as it uses the analog to offer skillful moves and maneuvers which enables you to pull out some amazing skills in multi-positions around the field. A new look has been added to it as the franchise mode now offers a full career experience, while X-factor and superstar performances allow players individual moves and reactions just like real-life counterparts.


The Bathesda’s long-anticipated project is set to be announced soon. People have been so optimistic and curious about what Starfield is all about and when is the release date. But what we know is that it’s been developed for the mighty PS5 and will arrive any moment from now until the console is released.

Bethesda calls it a “space epic”. So, we’re expecting something that combines the grand storytelling of space and Mass effect, the deep sky exploration, and the storytelling of no man’s sky.


Deathloop - Upcoming PS5 Games

Last year when Arkane Lyon’s deathloop was unveiled, it’s display video shows players trying to survive on a chaotic island where everyone is trying to kill you, over and over again as you thrive to escape a timeloop.

However, during Sony’s PS5 gameplay reveal, it gave us a lot more insight into the game. For instance, in Deathloop, you play Colt where you’re the target enemy on the island of Blackreef and you’ll have to shoot and find your way out by eliminating eight targets that keep you locked up in a groovy nightmarish ground hug. You’ll also have to kill an assassin trying to take you down.



Gearbox and counterplay games unveiled Godfall last year December during the Video Games award show. It’s a lookalike hack-and-slash Destiny or a Borderlands with swords. Guess our suspicion was right, the gameplay show we saw at Sony’s PS5 confirmed our suspicion with players slashing and killing giant monsters in gloriously ornate armor set.

This solo PS5 game looks extraordinary in all right mind ways. The mighty big monsters are called Valorplates, you’ll swap them to transform into some unstoppable masters of melee combats for you to kill the mad god Macros.

Heavenly Bodies

Heavenly bodies is an astronaut’s space game. It requires players to take on the role of mastering tasks in zero gravity. You’ll need the full use of your left and right triggers, coupled with the analog sticks to move your arms and legs as you thrive to put the space station alive.

Heavenly bodies require full use of the DualSense controller, the adaptive triggers will make you feel objects slip from your hold, and also the denseness of the object you’re holding.


As usual, the mind-blowing football game; FIFA 21 is coming on PS5. We’ll be expecting something nicer, faster, mind-blowing, and anticipating from FIFA 21. The upgraded version requires the smart use of the DualSense controller’s feedback feature, as well as rendering and lighting for extra realism. The FIFA 21 is better seen than imagined. Hope you won’t want to miss out on this one.

Final Thoughts

The mighty PS5 game console is something worth buying. Although the price tag hasn’t been fixed yet, we are expecting something costlier than the PS4. A lot of new upgraded features have been added to it. The PS5 was announced in September or October 2020.

Some games that earlier existed on the likes of PS2, PS3, and PS4 may not feature in the new PS5. The likes of God of War 2, The Elder Scrolls 6, Grand Theft Auto 6, etc. They’ve not been confirmed yet, but we hope they’ll feature among the PS5 games. Kindly gadgetsmart.ng/blog to get the latest releases and updates.

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