All You Need to Know About Twitter Blue (Updated 2023)

Twitter blue is a popular saying on Twitter but not many know what is spoken of. Twitter blue is not the blue bird logo or the blue checks, but we are talking about the paid version of Twitter. Many don’t realize it, but there is a premium version of Twitter that was launched in July 2021.

So, what is Twitter blue? Twitter blue is a paid version of Twitter for users who choose to pay a monthly sum to gain access to features the general user base can’t. It is optional and not forced on every user. Premium users get access to amazing features and customization of their app interface are major benefits

Twitter blue was first rolled out in Canada and Australia before getting to the shores of the U.S in November, same 2021.

Twitter blue is all great and all, but let’s dive into its benefits; Twitter blue offers premium features, ways to tweak your app interface, and early access to features that Twitter is building on but hasn’t been launched.

One major challenge people who use Twitter often vibe about is managing tweets, it can be overwhelming but for those using Twitter blue uses folders to organize tweets in whatever preferences they like, this goes a long way to organize your interface. Another amazing feature is their Reader (enhanced tweet reading experience), Top article (a view that prioritizes popular tweets and accounts for you to follow), Ad-free articles, and info tweets option.

Twitter blue provides access to custom navigation, custom app icon, and app color themes in terms of the personalization option for the application interface.

Having access to features Twitter is working on but hasn’t released officially such as uploading videos in 1080p, uploading videos up to 10 minutes in length, adding a non-fungible token (NFT) as a profile picture on your Twitter profile, etc all these exciting features has been fun for many subscribers.

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But as you know everything this that has pros has it cons no later how great and exciting. While you have access to features that twitter worldwide don’t have access to yet, not all these features are entirely useable on every platform. It is like having an amazing toy as a kid and your parents won’t let you go show it off to your friends. For instance, while bookmark features are available on all platforms, the custom app feature is only on iOS and Android, not the web, and customization for the Twitter blue theme is only available on iOS.

Twitter lab features enjoyed on your premium package are accessible to you, but their availability can change over time. Imagine you paid for a toy, and not long after everyone gets the same toy with unrestricted access, or the platform completely does away with such toys. Change is constant and as the database continues to upgrade, some features will be taken away and others made available at cost or not.


Let’s keep going on about the downs of Twitter blue services you should consider.

Twitter blue is not Ad-free, there is an Ad-free article feature, but what this means is you can only read Ad-free articles from publishers that are part of the Twitter Blue Publishers Network.

Twitter blue doesn’t offer a free trial, it is not as if you can test by trial for a couple of days to decide if you want to subscribe to Twitter blue or not, and generally, Twitter subscriptions are non-refundable.

Twitter blue is not available in all countries, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and the U.S are the countries this feature is available currently, though Twitter is working on expanding the horizon of these amazing features.

How much does twitter blue cost?

Subscribing cost varies by region. It is 2.99$ per month in the U.S, to see the cost in your currency, you will see a subscribe button under Twitter Blue in your profile, click the button to find out the cost.

Setting Up Twitter Blue

The process is not cumbersome, and I will walk you through it on different mediums

On the Mobile App

  • Open app
  • select profile icon to open your profile menu
  • select Twitter Blue. Look for the subscribe button on your screen and click it to see the monthly cost of Twitter Blue.
  • Go ahead and make the payment if you like it and enjoy

On Web

  • Open your browser
  • go to and log in to your account
  • go to menus option on the left side, from the popup menu
  • select twitter blue, another popup will appear on screen
  • look for the subscribe button at the bottom
  • again this will display the monthly cost of Twitter Blue.
  • Go ahead and make the payment if you are comfortable with the cost and enjoy.

Is twitter blue worth the penny?

Depending on the Twitter user. With the advantages and many more feature, it could be so much useful.

A regular Twitter user won’t see the value of paying a fee for twitter’s extra features but big brands and businesses whose affairs thrive on the Twitter platform will differ in their opinion. They won’t mind paying a considerable fee in other to maximize Twitter for the benefit and how it will help their brand’s future.

Is Twitter Blue worth the penny? That is entirely up to you to decide

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