5 Common Android Problems and their solutions

As intricate and delicate and fascinating as our Android phones are, obviously for the technological capabilities that aid our day-to-day utility, they are not always so perfect.

At some point, we wish not to face its malfunctioning, which could be the poor battery life, low storage space, app freezing, and others.

The good news is every challenge has got a solution. This article will bring to light some solutions that can help you fix your common Android problems in minutes and get your mobile back in shape.

Excited? Let’s get on the ride

Focusing on five (5) out of the lot you would most likely face day today.

  • Storage space running out
  • Overheating
  • Poor battery life
  • Phone and App crashing
  • Android running slowly.

Storage space runs out

 A major challenge we face daily is the low storage space, even if you have 60gigs as long as you keep sorting and storing files on your device, it’s a matter of time, and your storage is soon to lack capacity.

And many people are ignorant of what eats up the space in their internal memory, some believe it’s just the videos, pictures, apps, and games that ears up the space but, it’s not only that.


1. Go to settings

2. Storage

3. Internal storage

What is taking up most spaces will appear on top, and it will display how much space it’s consuming.

The solution for this is simply freeing up space, letting go of files that take up space that is not relevant


1. Uninstall unwanted apps and delete unwanted files

2. Erase your browser’s download history and caches

3. Move important documents from your internal storage to your storage device (SD card) or external memory if you have one

4. Say your documents are so important you can’t let go and your external memory is filled as well, no problem, you can turn to your Google device and gave them uploaded to the cloud.


You can have a warm device on your hands but certainly not one hot enough to boil water, just exaggerating though but you get the point. If charging, your phone begins to heat up, you best not use it while charging and ensure its charging in a moderate temperate environment.

Don’t run apps that require high processing power such as video gaming. It’s best to take a break from gaming for the device to cool down in such cases.

Running heavy tasks or background apps is no different from gaming while the phone is overheating.

The solution is quite simple; once your Android begins to heat up, give it a break to cool down. If the issue persists, seek the services of a professional

Poor battery life

 This is the most suffered Android challenge, and this can’t be overly emphasized. Imagine going all day without seeing a red bar or low battery notification, wouldn’t that be great?

While your producers promise great battery life, no matter how powerful your battery is, it all books down to how you use your phone. Specifically, the screen and other activities you engage in.

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How do I know what’s consuming my battery life?

For most Android

  • Go to settings
  • Battery settings
  • Power or battery use

You will see a list of apps and other functionalities that eats up your battery percentage


  1. You can begin by reducing the brightness of your screen or enabling adaptive brightness
  2. You can turn on a dark theme
  3. And finally if your battery still dues fast, you can get a power bank or better still check with a professional to examine if it’s due for replacement.

Phone and Apps freezing.

No doubt you would like to be interrupted while carrying out a task on your device, but phone freezing is real issue Android devices face at one point or another depending on how it’s used.


According to Carlcare, “One of the common reasons phone freezes is lack of storage space. Your device needs some storage space to store temporary system and app files when needed. To keep your device running as expected, you recommend you have at least 500MB – 1GB of available internal storage.”

If your phone warned you of low storage space and you ignore it, you are probably facing the consequences of your choice.

How do you sort out my freezing Android?

  1. Free up space, if you have less than the required 1Gb. Also, apply the tips in this article on storage maintenance.
  2. Install system updates

Ensure you are always running the recent version of your operating system. Installing new apps on an old operating system may bring about compatibility problems causing such apps to lag.

  • Simply go to settings
  • tap on update system or software update
  • check update, and if you find any available, install it.
  • Shut down apps that aren’t in use.
  • Lastly, you can always seek professional aid.

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Android running slowly

 Nothing can be frustrating as having a phone running like a booting PC. You count every second and that should not be the case.

How do you make your phone faster?

  1. By freeing space in your device
  2. Uninstalling applications
  3. Reducing your background tasks and Apps

Lastly, it’s the android’s animation-duration: this is the time or period your phone is required to display animations. The aim is to restructure or shorten the time frame.

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How is it done?

  • Open settings
  • Navigate to my phone (system)
  • Find the table labeled “build numb” and tap 7 times to reduce animation speed.

Now it’s time to slow it down,

  • Go back to the main setting
  • Go to select development option
  • Scroll down till you find “Draining scale”
  • Under it, you will find “Window animation scale, animation duration and transition animation”

Tap them one after the other and change their speed to Animation 0.5x or you could just set it to off but that will remove animation from your phone absolutely, well it’s the dealer’s choice

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