Apple’s latest iMac computer comes with significant changes and upgrades. The revamped Apple iMac computer claims to be the best large-screen computer you can buy today. Some of the numerous improvements include the latest 10th generation Intel-core i5 processors, bigger RAM, speedy SSDs, and upgraded AMD Radeon graphics cards.

This new iMac 27-inch computer is specifically designed for home workers. Now that most people work from home due to the pandemic, Apple has delivered a boost in its iMac specifications with a revamped 1080p HD camera for better video conference experience, alongside quality microphones which are integral parts of remote jobs. The interesting thing is that this new feature comes with the same starting price as that of the 2019 model.

While there are many competitors from Windows, Dell, and other computers, the 27-inch iMac entry-level sells for $1,799, N695,000. That’s the same price tag as the 2019 model. If you were budgeting for last year’s model, but couldn’t buy it, you can now get a bigger upgrade for that same price.

However, while we praise Apple for the amazing interior upgrades, the outer part still retains that same old design as previous iMac models. Retaining the same design pattern since 2012. This implies that why still a top-notch style looking device, certain parts of its design still remain the same. Apple’s closest competitors like Windows and Dell have started integrating those nice-looking, sleek all-in-one modern designs, and if Apple doesn’t change its iMac outer design too, they might be left behind on the race for nice, sleek devices.

Despite the iMac’s limited stand fitting, the device is still easy to be put with a single hand on your office table or desk. The good news is that all the ports are mounted at the right rear edge. Among many slots include four USB 3.0 Type-A port connections, Ethernet jack, headphone jack, an SD card slot, a power adapter port, and two round USB-C ports. The inclusion of a USB-A port on the device is very important since you can use it to charge a compatible Apple device using their supported adapter. However, the USB-A port is absent on Apple MacBook laptops.

The 27-inch screen features an inbuilt Retina 5K display, measuring a 5,120-by-2,880-pixel screen resolution which supports over 1 billion multi-colors. The system backlight is recorded for 500 luminance of brightness. Apple included a new nano-texture glass finish instead of the normal glossy finish. You’ll find this more interesting when the desktop is placed on an overly bright room/office. The goal of the two finishes is to reduce glower from close lights but the included nano-texture executes it more intelligently. The 27-inch iMac comes with the MacOs Catalina operating system. The good news is that it’ll also be compatible with the new macOS Big Sur. As the usual problem with the rest of Apple’s macOS devices, the iMac miss any form of direct touchscreen smart sensor.

One of the problems of the previous model’s iMac computers was the presence of a camera capable of shooting 1080p video. However, Apple has offered the ability of a video shooting camera on this year’s Apple iMac computer. Those willing to buy can now enjoy a full HD camera, and can also use it to do home video conferencing services. The higher camera resolution is an added benefit to multi-person video call services while connecting it to a 1080p compatible camera. Apple during its launching service reviewed that the higher 1080p camera doesn’t put-off the low-light performance. However, the upgraded camera lacks a face detection algorithm, but we’re hoping Apple will include it in next year’s model.

The 27-inch Apple’s iMac (2020) features the latest 10th generation Intel-core i5, with a running speed of 3.1GHz. The most notable aspect of this new CPU is that they all recognize Hyper-Threading. Apple states that this is the first time an iMac has this feature. The included Hyper-Threading allows each processor’s unit to handle double instruction threads all are once.

The GPU is upgraded as well, thanks to the inclusion of AMD Radeon Pro graphics that uses Apple’s latest RDNA processor. The notable aspect of this Radeon Pro 5700 XT is the 16GB video storage capacity, an amount that doubles last year’s model’s VRAM. All of Adobe’s softwares will have great space to work with this graphics configuration. Check out Adobe’s software coupons to get some crazy deals for your iMac.

The 27-inch iMac computer features upgraded storage space. Apple has excluded the outdated fusion drive options but instead included a single fast SSD. Some of the iMacs have 1TB, while some 256, and others 8TB, all depending on your budget. The storage ceiling has been upgraded to 128GB of 2,666MHz DDR4, although the first-level has 8GB, while some have 32GB.

Apple iMac (2020) full Specifications


Operating System: macOS Catalina

Model: Apple

Display: 27-inch Retina Radeon 5k Display

Size: 27-inch

Weight: 19.7

CPU: 10th Gen Intel-core i5 processors

GPU: AMD Radeon Pro graphics


Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi Direct

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0 connection

Ethernet jack: YES

USB port: 4 USB-A ports, 2 Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports, USB 3.1

Headphone Jack: YES


In Nigeria: N695,000-750,000

In Dollars: $1,799-1,941

In Pounds: £1,343-1,457

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