Apple M3 vs Apple M2: Which is best?

Apple M3 vs Apple M2 – Apple has been making significant strides with its M-series chips. Two of its remarkable creations, the Apple M3 and the Apple M2, have been causing quite a stir in the tech world. But which one is the ultimate powerhouse?

In this detailed comparison, we’ll break down the performance, efficiency, and specifications of these two processors to help you make an informed purchase decision.

General Overview and Comparison of Apple M3 and Apple M2

Apple M3 vs Apple M2 series
Apple M3 vs Apple M2 series

Let’s start with an overall look at these processors. The Apple M3 was unveiled on October 30, 2023, while its predecessor, the Apple M2, made its debut on June 6, 2022. Both chips are designed for laptops and belong to the ARMv8 instruction set. We are expecting the release of Apple M3 Ultra which we believe will be made for desktops.

The M3 and M2 share similar core configurations with four performance cores (P-Cores) and four efficient cores (E-Cores). However, some key differences set them apart.

The key differences between the Apple M3 and Apple M2 processors:

FeatureApple M3Apple M2
Manufacturing Process3 nanometers5 nanometers
Single-Core Performance9180
Multi-Core Performance4336
Power Efficiency10093
Naijagadgets Final Score7560
Cinebench R23 (Single-Core)13% higher (1780)1569
Cinebench R23 (Multi-Core)19% higher (10231)8614
Geekbench v6 (Single-Core)17% higher (3027)2594
Geekbench v6 (Multi-Core)18% higher (11883)10094

Apple M3 vs Apple M2 – Single-Core Performance

The Apple M3 takes the lead here. It boasts an impressive score of 91 compared to the Apple M2’s 80. This means that the Apple M3 excels in handling single-threaded applications and benchmarks, making it a better choice for tasks that rely on a single core’s performance.

Multi-Core Performance

For tasks that involve multiple cores, the Apple M3 again outperforms the M2. It scores 43 on the multi-core performance scale, whereas the Apple M2 scores 36. This suggests that the Apple M3 is more capable of handling multi-threaded applications, making it a superior choice for tasks that demand the combined power of all cores.

Apple M3 vs Apple M2 – Power Efficiency

In terms of power efficiency, the Apple M3 maintains a perfect score of 100, while the Apple M2 is slightly behind with a score of 93. This indicates that the Apple M3 is not only more powerful but also more energy-efficient, which can lead to longer battery life and reduced power consumption.

Naijagadgets Final Score

When considering the overall performance, the Naijagadgets Final Score rates the Apple M3 at 75 and the Apple M2 at 60. This demonstrates that the Apple M3 is the superior processor in terms of general CPU performance.

The key similarities between the Apple M3 and Apple M2 processors:

While the Apple M3 and Apple M2 processors have several differences, there are some key similarities as well. These include:

  • Architecture: Both processors use the ARMv8 instruction set.
  • Integrated GPU: Both the Apple M3 and Apple M2 processors come with integrated GPUs. The Apple M3 features the Apple M3 GPU, while the Apple M2 features the Apple M2 GPU.
  • Number of Cores: Both processors have a total of 8 cores, consisting of 4 Performance Cores (P-Cores) and 4 Efficient Cores (E-Cores). This core configuration remains the same for both chips.
  • Base Frequencies: The base frequencies for the P-Cores and E-Cores are identical for both processors. The P-Cores run at 3.7 GHz, while the E-Cores operate at 2.4 GHz.
  • Cache: Both processors have the same cache specifications, with 192K of L1 cache per core and 16MB of shared L2 cache.
  • Unlocked Multiplier: Neither processor has an unlocked multiplier, indicating that they are not designed for overclocking.

These similarities in architecture and core configuration indicate that both the Apple M3 and Apple M2 share a common foundation, with differences primarily lying in manufacturing processes and performance enhancements in the Apple M3.

In conclusion, the Apple M3 stands out as the superior processor with better single and multi-core performance, higher power efficiency, and modern manufacturing technology. However, the Apple M2 still offers a commendable performance, making it a strong choice for those who seek a balance between power and efficiency. Your choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences, but the Apple M3 undoubtedly raises the bar for laptop processors with its impressive capabilities.

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