Apple MacBook Pro 16 (2021): Features, Specs, and Price in Nigeria

The new Apple MacBook Pro 16 is the current strongest and highly specced Mac. This is because the American-based tech giant is keen on updating its MacBook lineup with sleek designs, custom ARM-based processors, and marks Apple’s impressive M1X chip debut.

The Apple 8-core processor has proven to be a huge success, delivering a groundbreaking power efficiency than other competing chips from AMD and Intel. Towards the launch of the M1X chip, Apple’s most affordable laptops, the Air model, MacBook Pro 16, and MacBook Pro with two Thunderbolt 3 ports are currently the best options you can buy. This will give Pro users enough value for their money by getting the best features they need.

Apart from receiving a very powerful chip, the Apple MacBook Pro 16 is expected to receive a display upgrade in the form of a mini LED. The former Retina panels are becoming outdated and can’t compete with the best of Windows PCs, but with a mini LED display, this would put the MacBook Pro back on track and will make it the best option for photo and video editors.

On the next sub-heading are a breakdown of when the Apple MacBook Pro 16 is expected to arrive and all the latest news and rumors.

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Apple MacBook Pro 16: Design

As mentioned, a lot of changes will be coming on the MacBook Pro 16. Fortunately, it’s rumored that Apple is planning a thorough redesign for this model, which sounds awesome to us. Also, according to research, Apple’s revamped laptop will not feature that curvy looks of the current model but instead will adopt a flat-edged form factor design similar to the one on iPhone 12.

One of the biggest rumored changes is the possibility that Apple will be dropping the touch bar, and will be replaced with the traditional function keys. The OLED strip that’s positioned above the keyboard is a discordant feature that most users find inconvenient and unnecessary.

On the ports side, the current MacBook Pro 16 has only four Thunderbolts ports and a headphone jack, making it one of the most expensive laptops with fewer ports. Fortunately, that could be rectified this year since Kuo indicated that the incoming Apple MacBook Pro 16 will have more ports. However, he didn’t further elaborate on where exactly those connectors might be, but that sounds like a welcome development on the connectivity front.

Also, there’s another design feature apparently set to return – the MagSafe charger, although it’s unsure in what form it will take. However, we suspect the MagSafe charger won’t be coming on this year’s model, meaning the MacBook Pro will continue to charge via USB-C. According to rumors, the new MagSafe connection will have a similar design to the previous one but will pave a way for faster charging than the USB-C.

When it comes to aesthetics, we aren’t expecting a major design overhaul but few changes. However, the current MacBook Pro 16 still remains one of the most beautifully designed laptops thanks to its slim bezels.

Apple MacBook Pro 16: Display

Amazingly, it’s reported that Apple seems poised to alter LED for MicroLED, a new technology that delivers better picture quality, clearer visuals, and increased brightness without the fear of burn-in. According to Kuo, Apple is reportedly been shopping for suppliers and is now ready to ship between 10 – 12 million MacBook units with mini LED this year alone.

Kuo further suggested that; “Because the cost of Apple Silicon is significantly lower than that of Intel CPU, the use of Apple Silicon can offset the increased cost of using mini LED panels,”

More advantage of mini LED panels over OLED is that they tend to replace hundreds of diodes found in normal LED panels with numerous smaller ones. Tinier diodes are better because they have smaller dimming zones and have better control over picture quality.

Apple MacBook Pro 16: Specs and Performance

With the launch of the Apple MacBook Pro 16, the days of Intel-powered Macs must be coming to an end. As for what will power the new model, Apple’s new custom M1X chip will be making its debut on the MacBook Pro 16.

This was leaked by LeaksApplePro, an insider with a reasonable track record, who claimed Apple would equip its upcoming MacBook Pro models with the latest M1X CPU. This is rumored to be a 12-core chip with eight high-performance and four efficiency cores, which is the same configuration found on the iPad Pro.

Fortunately, we know whatever comes from Apple will surely deliver an excellent performance result. However, there are some speculations concerning the rest of the specs. The M1 chip equipped in the current MacBook Air and the lower-tier Pro is limited to only 16GB of RAM which is not enough for the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro respectively. These models are supposed to have at least 32GB of RAM, although 64GB storage on the MacBook Pro is an ideal match.

The upcoming Apple MacBook Pro 16 is expected to feature up to 8TB storage. That’s more than enough for most users, but Apple might decide to give the MacBook Pro another 4TB storage unit which is ideal for those who work with 4k and 8k video files.


Apple MacBook Pro 16: Price in Nigeria and Availability

Apple’s latest MacBook Pro 16 is expected to debut in the third half of 2021, going by the recent leak on the laptop grapevine. However, a more reliable source has further predicted that the fully revamped MacBook using the new custom ARM-based chipset will be turning up in Q2 of 2021.

However, regarding the price, we haven’t heard any rumor concerning that. The current MacBook Pro 16 (2020) starts at ₦897,000 ($2,300), for reference, so that’s a hint on our expectations. Also, there are some rumors regarding an Apple spring event coming up this month, so it’s likely the company will reveal new headphones and iPad models. We’ll expect to get some hints there too.

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