Apple WWDC 2023 Live Update – New Products, Software and services unveiled

Hey everyone! Welcome to our WWDC 2023 liveblog! Rumor has it this one’s going to be a doozy.

15inches Macbook Air M2 2023

The MacBook Air is the world’s best selling laptop. Apple Launches the Macbook Air M2 15 2023. 11.5mm thin, world’s thinnest 15-inch laptop, just over 3 pounds. It features MagSage, two Thunderbolt ports, and a headphone jack. 15.3-inch screen with 5mm borders, Up to 500 nits of brightness and support for 1 billion colors, 1080p camera for video calls, 3-mic array, 6 speakers, including force canceling woofers, supports Spatial Audio, Enabled by the M2 chip. The new Air is 12x faster than the fastest Intel-based MacBook Air. 18 hours of battery life. 15-inch PC laptops are full of tradeoffs between performance, resolution, battery, and design. MacBook is up to 2x as fast, up to 2x the resolution, and 25 percent brighter. Up to 50 percent more battery life than on the PC. The 15-Inch Macbook Air 2023 Starts at $1299, $1199 for education.

Mac Studio is getting the M2 Max

Mac Studio M2 Max is 25% faster than M1 Max

Mac Studio M2 Ultra doubles the performance of the M2 Max . 192gb of Memory. It uses Davinci Resolve . 6x faster than Intel based iMacs. Upto 8TB, Bluetooth 5.3, Wifi 6E, 10gb Ethernet.$2000

Mac Pro – 8 Thunderbolt ports, it’s easily customizable. M2 Ultra. $7000

New Features have also been unveiled on the iMessage. Features like live Check-Ins, Updated imessage apps design. Apple also showed us a brand new Sticker for imessage. You can turn subjects/photos to stickers as well. You can also add effects to live stickers. You can add stickers in every app on any iOS app.

There is an exciting new way to share contacts to friends and new people you meet using the Name Drop feature.

A new way of sharing stuffs was also unveiled. It is called SharePlay.

iOS 17 advanced Auto Correct on the Keyboard making it more capable and more accurate. Now it can give you more correct predicted text. It also updated the Dictation using the keyboard even better.

With ML, iPadOS can identify fields in a PDF, and you can use autofill on them. This makes PDFs easier to work with on the iPad.

MacOS Sonoma

Many of the new features on iOS and iPadOS are also coming to macOS too. Widgets are now interactive on the Mac. You can use your car widget to cool off you car. Through Continuity, you can access iPhone widgets on your Mac in the gallery.

Apple Silicon and Gaming

Apple has introduced Game Mode. Game Mode lowers audio latency with AirPods, and reduces input latency with Xbox and PlayStation controllers by doubling the Bluetooth sampling rate. Metal provides a new Game Porting Toolkit to make it easier for devs to bring their games from other platforms.

Video Conferencing

A new video effect called presenter overlay overlays your face on top of the content you’re presenting, in a few different sizes and configurations.



What’s new for AirPods

Pair with a hotel TV scanning a QR code, then you can AirPlay your shows to the TV. Available in select hotels by the end of the year, with more to follow. SharePlay is coming to the car. Passengers with iPhones can play music in the car together.

tvOS and Apple TV new features

In tvOS 17, we’ve completed redesigned control center, making it more intuitive to do things like access AirPods settings. You can now use your iPhone to locate your Siri remote. You can select Photo memories as your Apple TV screensaver.

FaceTime is coming to Apple TV. The new FaceTime app on Apple TV takes advantage of continuity camera. (So you can use your iPhone’s camera for recording, and watch the other call participants on the TV).

For developers, We’re also introducing Continuity Camera APIs so apps like Zoom and WebEx can come to tvOS too.

New Update coming to Watch OS

From any Watch face you can turn the digital crown to reveal widgets in a smart stack. You can long-press to add a widget to the smart stack. There’s even a widget to hold your favorite complications. This is a way you can access this kind of information while still using a beautiful full-screen watch face.

Apple redesigned apps across watchOS 10. World Clock now features dynamic background colors that reflect the time of day. The Activity app now has corner icons that you can tap to get to your summary and awards. When you rotate the crown, it shows new full-screen views for move, exercise, and stand.

Apple is introducing two new watch faces: palette (a minimalistic color-based one), and Snoopy & Woodstock, an animated watch face in which the characters interact with the watch hands.

Watch OS and Cycling

In watchOS 10, cycling workouts from your Watch now show up as a live activity on your iPhone. Tapping the Live Activity takes over your entire display. Includes information like heart rate, elevation, distance, etc. In watchOS 10, Apple WAtch can now connect to Bluetooth-enabled bike sensors.

Watch OS and Hiking

Compass will automatically generate two new waypoints for you. A cellular connection waypoint indicates the last place you had reception. We’re also introducing a new elevation view that shows a 3D view of your saved way points using altimeter data. We’ve updating Maps, introducing a new topographical view. Use search to discover nearby trails.

Developers will have access to new motion data, helping apps like golf or tennis apps.

Watch OS and Mental Health

You’ll now be able to log your momentary emotion and daily mood in a discrete way. You can also identify what’s making you feel that way, like family or travel. You can describe your feelings further, like “grateful” or “excited.” You’ll be able to take standardized assessments to check your risk for depression or anxiety. You’ll be able to report your results to a mental health care provider.

The other important area of focus for Apple this year is vision health, specifically the reduction of myopia. Myopia affects 30 percent of the population, expected to grow to 50 percent by 2050. Time in daylight can now be measured in a child’s Watch, even if they don’t have their own iPhone.

Apple is introducing a new feature called screen distance, which measures if a child is holding an iPhone or iPad too close for an extended period of time. Can also help adults reduce digital eye strain.

OS releases are available as developer betas today, public beta July, public release this fall.

Introducing Apple Vision Pro

For the first time Apple designed a fully 3D interface. When you first put on Vision Pro, you see your space and everything in it. The Home view lives right in front of you, with your apps.

The entire interface looks and feels truly present in your room. Every element has been crafted to have a sense of physicality. Cast shadows, respond to light. It’s easy to make apps any scale, even larger than life. It can place apps exactly where you want them, anywhere in your space. Launching new apps doesn’t take space from existing one. They simply occupy a new space, centered around you.

Apps can expand fully into your space, like during a mindfulness session where you can create a private moment of calm. With Vision Pro, apps and experiences can grow beyond the dimensions of your physical room with immersive environments. Captured fully volumentrically, so you can control how immersed you are by turning the digital crown.

Every major Apple platform was driven by an innovative new input model. Mac with the mouse, iPod with the clickwheel, and iPhone with multitouch. With Vision Pro we designed an intuitive input model for spatial computing, without controllers or additional hardware. It uses your eyes, hands, voice, only

You look at app icons or graphical element to select them, then tap your fingers together to select. Gently flick to scroll. You can keep your hands where they’re most comfortable, like resting on your lap on the sofa. You can look at a search field and just start speaking to fill it out.

Your eyes are a critical indicator of connection and emotion. Vision Pro displays your eyes when someone is nearby. This is called EyeSight. It changes to indicate to others whether you are immersed or not, or what mode of use you are in.

Apple Vision Pro makes people fade into view when they come nearby, even when you are in an immersive space.

How to use Vision Pro for work

Vision Pro is always in sync with your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. All your messages, photos, documents stay updated. With Vision pro, you can arrange all your apps in space around you. Safari lets you browse webs on a large web page view. Small text is crisp and easy to read at any angle. You turn your head to change focus from one app to another.

The content within your apps isn’t limited to 2 dimensions. You can receive a 3D object from messages and look at it from any angle.

You can use the virtual keyboard or dictation to type. It works seamlessly with bluetooth accessories like Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad.

You can bring your Mac wirelessly into Apple Vision Pro by just looking at it. You can then place your Mac’s screen wherever you want. Vision Pro allows virtual collaboration, including FaceTime. FaceTime becomes spatial. You hear each person’s voice coming from the location of their tile via Spatial Audio. You can share apps and use them with others in SharePlay during calls.

Apple Vision Pro at home

Select a photo and the room dims around you, allowing you to focus on it. Panoramas are stunning. Every panorama you’ve ever taken on your iPhone now expands and wraps around you life-sized. Vision Pro is Apple’s furst 3D camera. It lets you capture and relive your memories in 3D with spatial audio. You can capture a spatial photo or video with a press of a button. EyeSight indicates to those around you when you are capturing a photo.

It also delivers an entertainment experience. You can now watch a great movie in a dark theater with 3D sound. You have a gorgeous screen you can adjust to the perfect size. It automatically dims the surrounding light and casts a glow into your space. You can scale your screen beyond the dimensions of your room in immersive environments. A cinema environment turns any room into a movie theater. You can take it on an airplane and enjoy a movie in a large screen in immersion.

You can also watch 3D movies in Vision Pro. Interactive storytelling is also possible, like an app that allows you to interact with dinosaurs in 3D with spatial audio. You can play Apple Arcade games on a big screen. Apple Vision Pro will change the way we communicate, collaborate, work, and enjoy entertainment.

Design of the Apple Vision Pro

This is the most ambitious product Apple has ever created. They utilized the most advanced, lightest weight materials. The front of the product is a single piece of glass. Acts as a lens for eyesight and a wide array of cameras. Lightweight frame has a button to capture photos and video, and a digital crown for tweaking immersion levels. Efficient thermal design that quietly draws air through the system. It’s a modular system that allows us to tailor the product to fit you perfectly, in a range of shapes and sizes. External battery (looks about the size and shape of an iPhone, made of aluminum.) We have custom optical inserts based on your prescription, they attach magnetically. An adjustment dial allows microadjustments of the band during use.

23 million pixels across two panels each the size of a postage stamp. More pixels than 4K TV for each eye. Custom three-element lens. Video is at true 4K and HDR. Fine text looks sharp from any angle. Dual-driver audio system. Ambient spatial audio. Matches the sound to your room by analyzing the features and materials of your space.

At the foundation of this system is Apple Silicon in a unique dual-chip design. It starts with the Apple M2 chip. Running in parallel is a brand new chip called R1. Processes input from 12 cameras, 5 sensors, and 6 microphones.

R1 eliminates lag, streaming new images to the displays within 12ms, 8 times faster than the blink of an eye. M2 ensures performance, R1 ensures experiences feel like they’re taking place in front of your eyes. EyeSight utilizes a unique curved OLED panel to project the correct perspective on your eyes to each person looking at you. It looks transparent. EyeSight was one of our most difficult challenges. It delivers a natural representation that matches your face.

When viewed by someone in another Vision Pro, your persona has volume and depth. The operating system is called visionOS. The existing application frameworks from other OSes were extended to support spatial computing.

We’ve built Reality Composer Pro, which makes it easy to assemble complex scenes with realistic object. (mac development app). Hundreds of thousands of iPad and iPhone app will be usable on Vision Pro at launch. You can use apps like Lightroom on a massive screen and control them with your eyes and hands.

Apple has been working with Unity to bring Unity apps to Vision Pro. Popular Unity-based games and apps can gain full access to visionOS features. Apple Vision Pro will have a brand new App Store. Browse apps built for visionOS as well as supported iPhone and iPad apps.

It authenticates you with a system called Optic ID when you put it on. Uses the uniqueness of your iris to unlock Vision Pro. Optic ID is encrypted and never leaves your device, lives in the Secure Enclave. Works with Apple Pay, app store purchase, and password autofill. Where you look stays private. Eye input is isolated to a separate background process, so apps and websites can’t see data about your gaze. They can, however, get data on where you click with a finger tap.

Apple filed over 5000 patents developing Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro will sell for $35,000. It will be released in 2024. Apple justified this with a brief speech saying that if you bought a 4K TV, a surround system, a Mac, and more, this would still be a deal

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