Best 10 music player apps for Android 2023

Music can be termed many things, but some people use it to distract themselves from stressful situations and prefer to listen to music to feel better. Over the years, many developers have developed music playing apps for various purposes in order to ensure that each individual has a music player app that is appropriate for the used smartphone. 

Music-playing apps compete fiercely because each strives to be the best available app to users with its distinct differences. This article will examine the best music player apps available for Android smartphones in 2022.

The following are the best 10 music player app for android as at 2022:

Top 10 Best Music Player for Android

S/NMusic player Apps
1.YouTube Music
3.Google Play Music
7.Musicolet Music Player

YouTube Music

YouTube Music - music player apps for Android

The YouTube Music App is a music playing app which is a subsidiary of YouTube and it is owned by Google. It is unique in its own way as it provides room for the streaming of the music videos attached to the particular song you are listening to, this itself makes it standout from its competitors.

There pricing varies but the YouTube Music Premium allows you to download for offline listening or listen to music with your screen off.

The YouTube music app is basically for free but you can subscribe to the premium version for better experience with quality features. Using the free version of the app on the android device makes it ladened with ads which is not nice. For the best experience, it is better to use the premium version on the android device.


Spotify - music player apps for Android

Spotify is very popular among users of music playing apps due to its versatility and uniqueness. The app allows you to stream music globally and also local music, this is a must have streaming app for lovers of music.

The Spotify app offer free services and there is the upgraded version which is paid for by users. It comes with a lot of unique features like the size of the library and it also helps to track your the type of music you listen to and make recommendations based on that.

It allows for ease of use as it helps to provide show locally made music you would love to listen to based on your area. It makes room for the introduction of podcasts and this is offered by only limited music playing apps.


Deezer - music player apps for Android

The Deezer music app is similar to Spotify as people that don’t enjoy the Spotify app often alternate to the Deezer app, it is also a good option for lovers of music to use. The free version of the Deezer app comes with ads and lovers of music don’t enjoy having ads disrupting their moment so you might have to opt to the premium version.

It comes to the normal features expected of a streaming app which is the act of recommending songs to users, the ability to download songs to be able to listen to it offline and wide range of songs to choose from.

The app allows you to filter the recommendations made by segmenting it into sections of suggested tracks, favorite tracks and top tracks. The app is also popular because of the quality of sounds and it’s clean UI interface.


Tidal-music player apps for Android

The most unique feature of the Tidal music playing app is the lossless audio feature. This feature makes sure that the fact that you are streaming the music, the quality and the original data of the song is still intact and is of high resolution.

It’s main competition come from Spotify as it has adopted the lossless music feature. This was a feature that started with Tidal and it was able to boost the marketing of the app to make it accepted but the public.

Access to over 70 million songs from around the world. The ability to be able to listen to music without having to own a dvd or cd and yet the quality is still retained is what is offered by Tidal.


MusixMatch - music player apps for Android

This is a streaming music app that comes with all features and is perfect for users and content creators from all around the world. It allows for music writers or user of the app to be able to easily add specific lyrics to their music, it makes it popular amongst artists and content creators.

A lot of music streaming apps have partnered with MusixMatch because the ability to sync lyrics to specific songs  like the Spotify brand. It is the world leading data music company and this had made it a big brand globally.

The ability of the app to work and be able to link itself with other music streaming platforms has also made it unique. It is a one in all music streaming app and it is good for android users.

Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet Music Player - music player apps for Android

Musicolet is a music streaming platform that comes with a lot of features including its unique feature which is the fact that it supports multiple queues.

You are allowed to creste up to 20 queues on the app. Easier to navigate than most apps as the sections are boldly written and identifiable.

You are able to access components like the playlists, albums,  folders with just one click. It is easy to download the size as it come come with a large data and it has a light Ui so you don’t need to have a large storage device before you can use the app.


Poweramp - music player apps for Android

This has been one of the longest music platform for users of android to visit when they need to stream music. Easy to use because of the interface and you can easily understand the components and how to access them. It can be downloaded on Google play store.

You can change its appearance with the use of the themes attached to it, it is popular among new users because of how easy it is to use and access. It’s unique feature is the playback feature and it differentiate from one another. It supports different types of playlists and files. 


Pulsar - music player apps for Android

It is popular among android users because of how easy it is to navigate through it and the ability to playback tracks.

It is the best option for new users looking to explore music streaming apps. It has the pro version that you need to pay for that can easily be paid for.


Boomplay - music player apps for Android

Boomplay, formally known as Boom Player, is a music and video streaming platform that is best for Android users. The app allows for download and was developed and owned by Transsnet Music Limited.

It is currently the biggest and fastest growing music app in Africa. Subscribers can stream songs and videos online free of charge, subscribe to different plans to save songs and videos to play whilst offline or purchase content to download.

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