Laptop Stands are vital for most laptop users. They’re specifically designed to raise your laptop up to an eye-level, thus reducing pains on your arm, back, or neck after long working hours, and muscle discomfort. They as well put your laptop in the best position for a comfortable typing experience. The best laptop stands tends to improve your typing speed, improve posture, and aid productivity results.

The innovation of technology has proven to solve every human problem encountered. Some modern laptop stands feature integrated mechanical fans beneath it for airflow, and for heat dissolution, thereby protecting your system from overheating, and putting it at optimal working temperatures. Meanwhile, other stands feature additional slots for your smartphone and tablets, storage trays, and embedded mouse pad. All these smart features prove to add more comfortability to you while typing or working. The best laptop stands won’t break down few months upon purchase. A lot of cares and considerations have to take place before going for one. We’ve thoroughly researched, and bring out to you our best 5 laptop stands available and affordable in the market today.

Our list of products is of top-notch, and high quality. You can get one for a token of N12,000, thereby saving more cost for you. With our love and desire to bring out high-quality products for your utmost satisfaction, we’ve included some of these products on our market site, you can order for one by visiting Naijagadgets. Here are the best 5 stands for your laptop.

Our Best 5 Laptop Stands at a Glance

  1. Soundance Laptop Stand
  2. AmazonBasics Laptop Stand
  3. Rain Design mStand
  4. Steklo MacBook Pro stand
  5. Roost Laptop Stand

Soundance Laptop Stand


Brand: Soundance | Model: LS1 | Weight: 2.2P | Price in Nigeria: N12,000-20,000

Neck, back, and muscle pain can be prevented by using this Soundance Laptop Stand. Furthermore, it’s always reliable, and comfortable while still maintaining that compact, nice sleek design. The amazing thing is that this laptop features a rubber protector beneath it to prevent your laptop from sliding down.

In terms of its structure, the Soundance Laptop Stand is built with high-quality aluminum alloy that’s rust-resistant, implying that this laptop stand can serve you for a long period of time while still maintaining its sleek design. It’s compatible to laptop between the ranges of 10 to 15-inch. With this range gap, it’ll surely fit your laptop perfectly. Beneath it is an open space for air to flow into your system, thereby preventing it from overheating after long hours of working. It also features a space underneath which you can attach your detachable keyboard.

AmazonBasics Laptop Stand


Brand: AmazonBasics | Brand: 278AO | Weight: 2.43P | Price in Nigeria: N7,000-15,000

Amazon is getting better and better. This is another quality product from Amazon’s collection. The Amazon’s laptop stands although it’s a bit pricey for a stand of this design, but yet features a fully ventilated, metal-mesh design which guarantees your laptop gets enough air needed for its operation. However, the overall design is nothing to write home about, as it features a simple compact design.

Furthermore, the AmazonBasics laptop stand can be adjusted from 12 to 35 degrees, all depending on your choice. This helps to improve your typing and working experience. It also features a 6-slot cord space, in case you’re a type that doesn’t fancy scattered cable wires. The slot space also ensures your desk is clean and neat.

Rain Design mStand


Brand: Rain Design | Weight: 3P | Price in Nigeria: N18,000-25,000

In terms of sleek and modern compact design, the Rain mStand never disappoints. It gets our full accolades for its nice aesthetics. If you’re looking for a laptop stand that’ll give you a pure and organized workspace, the Rain Design mStand is the best choice for you. It features a heat sink to help keep your laptop at its normal temperature.

The Rain laptop stand is coated with sand-blasted aluminum, alongside a sports silver color. This is the ideal laptop riser for Apple notebook users. It can raise your laptop up to 15-inch height to keep your system at your eye level. It also includes a cable management spot for your laptop charger and other cables connection.

Steklo MacBook Pro stand


Brand: Steklo | Model: X-Stand | Weight: 5.8 Ounce | price in Nigeria: N12,000-18,000

The Steklo MacBook pro laptop stand is the most compact laptop riser you’ll ever see in the market today. The laptop stand is better used than imagine. The body is made from a high-quality lightweight aluminum coating, which not only makes the stand to rust-proof but also makes it portable. The Steklo MacBook Pro stand is small enough to be inserted inside your bag for convenient use on later in the office or anywhere you feel like. Furthermore, you can fold it up to save space, and it’s also very adjustable.

Just like the name implies, the laptop stand will work best on Apple MacBooks, although it can still function on other laptop models. The stand can comfortably fit any laptop between the ranges of 12to 17-inch which is the range of most laptops. Just like you can see in the picture, it helps minimize your laptop heating by providing a space to ensure sufficient airflow into your system. In addition, the featured rubber on top of the stand ensures your laptop is placed firm, hereby preventing unnecessary sliding.

Roost Laptop Stand


Brand: The Roost | Model: Roost | Weight: 5.8 Ounce | price in Nigeria: N34,000-40,000

The Roost laptop stand seems to be the last to grace our best 5 laptop stand’s list but is the lightest and also the most portable on our list. However, this stand is constructed to carry laptops weighing just 9 pounds, so if you have a higher weight laptop, you can option for another model. The laptop riser is proudly made in the United States of America.

Additionally, the stand features an adaptable, universal design that supports all laptop models including Apple MacBooks. However, the stand is adjustable between 6 to 11-inch heights which allows you to adjust the laptop riser to your preferred comfortable position. The most interesting thing about this laptop is that it’s lightweight, and you can fold it up and slide into your bag to use at the meeting, or on the go.

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