Best tech gifts for young women in Africa

 Gift-giving could be hard, but getting a gift for a woman is especially harder. Whether it’s searching for a birthday present for your sister, selecting the perfect holiday gift for your mother, or looking for the perfect gift to mark your anniversary, you have to admit, finding the perfect gift can be extremely stressful and frustrating.

The good news is that with advanced technology, comes advanced gadgets and better gifts. This means there are a plethora of gadgets you can choose from, ranging from budget options to more expensive gadgets, all still bringing the same joy in that festive season. If you are in search of ideas to hint you on what to get for her, here is a list that could help.

New Apple Airpods Pro

New Apple Airpods Pro in Nigeria

     Who wouldn’t like a brand new pair of Airpods? This is the perfect gift especially for women who enjoy workout or dance sessions, bringing a stress-free jog or gym session without the frustration that comes with tangling.

Fitness Tracker/Smartwatch

Fitness Tracker/Smartwatch for sale in Nigeria

     This is also another suitable gift for that sporty lady. Fitness trackers often offer insights about your breathing, sleep, stress, or even heart health. They are primarily designed to keep track of your health and exercise. It could also double as a smartwatch, making the gift twice as pleasant to her.

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A phone wallet and grip

A phone wallet and grip in Nigeria

     Aside from the classy style of a phone wallet, she could also have a phone that would be attached to a card holder designed to fit up to three credit cards. It is the perfect gift for her as it would prove useful in activities like running errands, frequenting the gym or simply going to see a movie or a concert. Plus, it is very secure so she won’t have to worry about losing her cards or phone.

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Wireless Chargers

Wireless Chargers in Nigeria

     Many women tend to be glued to their phones almost all day. To make her phone experience even better and less frustrating, why not gift her a wireless charger? Wireless chargers save the problem of losing cords or getting them tangled and having to go through the painstaking effort of untangling them.

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There are also a variety of beautifully designed wireless chargers you can find in several stores, just for her. Some of them even come with a space for keys, wallets, jewelry, and any other small items she may have.

A Funky Gaming Headset

     Come on, even ladies love gaming sometimes! For the gamer in your life, you could get a great headset which perfectly suits her taste. It is also easy and advisable to find gaming headsets that deliver great sound quality, terrific 3D surround sound, and a long battery life of up to 24 hours, to give her the best gaming experience she could ever imagine.

A Good Tablet for Reading, Productivity and Entertainment

A Good Tablet for Reading, Productivity and Entertainment

     She could be the bookworm type, or one who loves to go hours on end watching countless videos online. Either way, this gift would be awesome for her. Apple’s newly updated base-level $329 ($134,960) iPad is a great gift for anyone seeking a tablet that can carry out almost any task. This iPad has a sharp display, ultrawide front camera, long battery life, and an improved performance.

A High-Tech Hair Dryer

A High-Tech Hair Dryer

     High-tech hair dryers could be quite expensive, but they are guaranteed to be extremely worth it with their results. Not only do they dry hair significantly faster than the average hair dryer, but they are also likely the closest things she can get to a professional blowout at home.

A Tile Bluetooth Tracker

A Tile Bluetooth Tracker

     It is normal for one to lose a few items sometimes. Here is where the Tile Bluetooth tracker comes in handy. Tile’s Bluetooth trackers can help you find your things fast, and without too much of a hassle. Just throw it into your wallet or pop one on her keys and she is good to go. Tile also offers a variety of models in different sizes and form factors.

A Soundbar

     This is for her if she is a lover of music. Soundbars produce awesome audio quality, and have enough volume to cover a relatively large room. There are awesome soundbar brands out there, such as the Soundcore Infini Pro which features 4K HDR and Dolby Vision pass-through, an HDMI ARC port, Bluetooth 5 connectivity, and of course, Dolby Atmos.

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Amazon Kindle

     Also for readers, the Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular e-readers. It does not have text as bright as more expensive models, but the device definitely packs a lot of value, and is surely worth the price.

     There are wide options of tech gifts to choose from, and the ones listed above are just a few of them. Whichever you find, it is best you select the one you believe matches her hobbies and taste, to make that gift one of the most memorable that she would ever receive.

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