Best Upcoming Phones you can Buy in Nigeria in 2021

2020 may be behind us, but its unforeseen impact isn’t. With many unpredictable shakeups to smartphone release which in return makes 2021 the least predictable year. Still, new smartphones will be coming up this year. However, they might come up at a different time to normal but we still got new flagship smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, and many more to look forward to in the next few months.

Meanwhile, we’re going to see 5G connectivity become a regular feature on both high-end and mid-range smartphones of this year. Also, there will be an out boast of 144Hz smooth refresh rates which are good for video streaming and gaming. Phone cameras will continue to pile up more and more megapixels and extra sensors, unlike anything we’ve ever imagined before.

Fortunately, we’ll see foldable phones becoming cheaper and most mid-range phone brands striving to put their names among foldable phone manufacturers. We’re going to see software enhancements too starting with every smartphone embracing the latest Android 11 and iOS 15 not to mention the high acceptability of the Snapdragon 888 chipset.

Meanwhile, it’s good to know that as new phones edge closer, the old flagships will see a fall in price. Here are the best upcoming phones you can buy in Nigeria in 2021.

Our List of 7 Best Upcoming Smartphones You can Buy in Nigeria 2021

  1. Samsung Galaxy S21
  2. Vivo X60
  3. Xiaomi Mi 11
  4. iPhone 13
  5. LG Rollable
  6. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
  7. OnePlus 9

Samsung Galaxy S21

After the release of Samsung Galaxy S20 models, Samsung is set to unveil another amazing flagship device and probably the one we will happily have first from them. Rather than the usual February/March launch, Samsung has decided to bring it more forward, and it’s rumored to be January 14.

As you would expect from a Samsung flagship smartphones and what was confirmed on the S20 models, the S21 family is set to feature more upgraded top-notch specs with the latest Snapdragon 888 processor powering things. However, the main focus is the S21 Ultra which is set to come with 10x optical zoom, and S-Pen support which was previously seen only on the Samsung Galaxy Note series.

Vivo X60

The latest Vivo X60 is already available in China, but we’re still anticipating when the phone will be launched in the rest of the world. The X60 and X60 Pro – there’s a rumor of X60 Pro Plus too featuring a 120Hz refresh rate, AMOLED display, Samsung’s Exynos 1080 5nm chipset, 48-MP cameras, and 33W fast charging.

The standard Vivo X60 will feature a 2x zoom portrait lens and ultra-wide, with the Pro variant having 5x zoom periscope telephoto lens – all having support from Zeiss.

Xiaomi Mi 11

Just like Vivo X60, Xiaomi has unveiled the Mi 11 family in China and it’s currently on sale there, and now, we’re still anticipating the global launch of the Mi 11 series. The Xiaomi Mi 11 will forever be remembered for being the company’s first approach to 2k resolution display which is rated A+ by DisplayMate. Also, the Xiaomi Mi 11 is known to be the world’s first Snapdragon 888 smartphone with the assurance of fast blistering performance.

Other noticeable features of the phone include a 120Hz refresh rate, 108-MP triple-lens cameras, Harman Kardon stereo speakers that support wireless transfer with double speakers or earphones. Other highlights in the spec include a 55W wired and 50W wireless charging for the 4000mAh battery and an in-display fingerprint sensor.

iPhone 13

Despite the late launch of the iPhone 12 in early November, we’re expecting the iPhone 13 family to be unveiled in September 2021 if all goes according to plan. Apple reportedly has many interesting upgrades to make on the 2021 iPhone 13. The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max display are expected to upgrade to a 120Hz refresh rate this year and it’s rumored that Apple will introduce a portless smartphone this year which will see wireless chargers becoming the order of the day.

Other iPhone 13 leaks point will be more efficient 5G connectivity, a possible return of Touch ID, a smaller notch, and support for the latest Wi-Fi 6E standard. Just like it has been in the previous models, we’ll expect Apple to introduce specs we’ve never seen before or possibly many altered features finding their way back to iPhone 13.

LG Rollable

It’ll be unwise to alter an LG handset in our list of upcoming phones in Nigeria in 2021. While the Korean company dominates the list of best smart TVs, it’s range of phone in recent years has drastically find its way among the most sorted smartphones in Nigeria and beyond.

The LG Rollable may end up being a curiosity and expectations because its the first if it’s kind and won’t be coming from a top-notch smartphone brand like Samsung. However, the LG Rollable is certainly one of the best smartphones to look up to in 2021. The LG Rollable will look like a normal smartphone at a glance, but with a screen that can be rolled out revealing more display thereby giving you both a normal phone and tablet. This could be weird and will surely be expensive, but time will tell.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Another upcoming phone that we’ll expect in 2021 is the Galaxy Z Fold 3. This is a smartphone innovation that once looked like a gamble but not anymore after Samsung fixed all quirks on the Z Fold 3.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 promises a better product. Obviously, the main selling point is going to be the usual folding out of a regular phone and converting it into a tablet. However, it’s rumored that Samsung is planning a greater improvements such as support for the S pen, RGB backlight on the hinge, and smartly combined camera set-up.

OnePlus 9

Just like its predecessors, the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro will continue the company’s tradition of having top-end specs while offering at affordable prices. The new OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro are definitely coming, with a lot of new features as leaked on eBay.

The OnePlus 2021 models are set to debut with the latest faster Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset along with a 120Hz refresh rate for smoother visuals and the possibility of shooting videos at 120 frames per second. It was recently leaked that OnePlus is set to partner with Leica for a brand new Ultrashot camera that’ll debut in OnePlus 9 models.

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