From Dublin to the Metaverse: Imvizar’s Journey as the Premier AR Storytelling Platform

Imvizar’s Journey as the Premier AR Storytelling Platform – Imvizar, a Dublin-based start-up founded by Michael Guerin and Adele Keane in 2021, is making strides toward becoming the Netflix of augmented reality (AR). Imvizar aims to revolutionize storytelling using the capabilities of AR technology.

imvizar - AR Storytelling Platform
imvizar – AR Storytelling Platform

While artificial intelligence dominated the tech scene last year, virtual and augmented reality took a backseat. However, recent advancements in AR technology, such as Meta’s Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro’s release, have sparked a resurgence in interest, especially as the metaverse gains momentum.

Imvizar stands out in this evolving landscape. Founded by Michael Guerin, an expert in extended reality and smart city projects, and Adele Keane, the Chief Operations Officer and Creative Director, Imvizar simplifies the creation and sharing of spatial stories using a no-code tool and platform.

Guerin, Imvizar’s CEO, explains, “Our mission is to deepen connections between people and places. Imvizar brings narratives off the page and into the environment around you, turning locations into interactive stages for stories.”

From Dublin to the Metaverse: Imvizar's Journey as the Premier AR Storytelling Platform
From Dublin to the Metaverse: Imvizar’s Journey as the Premier AR Storytelling Platform

In its three years of existence, Imvizar has launched over 70 AR experiences globally, serving clients like Salesforce, Carlichauns, and North Carolina State University. These AR experiences have been integrated into tourist attractions across various counties in Ireland.

Often referred to as the ‘Netflix for AR,’ Imvizar stands out in the market. Adele Keane’s background in 3D projects with Netflix and DreamWorks contributes to the company’s innovative approach.

Imvizar goes beyond traditional storytelling; it allows users to step into stories, transforming every narrative into an immersive journey. Guerin emphasizes the shift in storytelling and technology, catering to a world that craves visual storytelling, especially among younger generations using platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.

Imvizar’s goal is to bridge the gap between the desire for immersive storytelling and the emerging realm of spatial computing led by companies like Apple and Meta. The company envisions a world where creating 3D content is as accessible as designing a flyer on Canva, making it user-friendly without requiring complex coding skills.

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Guerin emphasizes the potential of AR to enhance the world around us, offering digital layers that add to reality rather than isolating individuals within it. Imvizar aims to empower anyone with a story to tell, from filmmakers to big brands, providing a platform that is intuitive and accessible.

Currently finalizing a smaller investment round to enhance its capabilities, Imvizar focuses on its no-code tool and expanding its development team. The company plans to open a more substantial investment round later this year or early next year, building on its previous success in raising €800,000 in seed funding about a year ago, with support from Enterprise Ireland and the Halo Business Angels Network, among others. The larger investment round aims to solidify Imvizar’s position in the market, drive innovation, and expand its global impact.

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