How to Buy Facebook Shares (Updated 2023)

Facebook is a social media platform that was created originally by Mark Zuckerberg, the website has grown into one of the biggest and most populated sites in the world which over 3 billion monthly active users as of last year, 2021.

The platform is free for users with amazing features to make your time worthwhile, such as creating your profile, posting videos and images, interacting with other users from around the globe, and sending a receiving direct message in an instant.

Connecting with family, friends, colleagues, etc., is easy with this site, I mean connecting people is the whole idea behind its creation, little wonder it has bought other tech companies such as WhatsApp Instagram, and Oculus VR, most of these apps that users to connect and interact from miles away.

Maintaining its strong social media in the market while expanding into e-commerce through rich platform offerings, such as monetizing its properties by displaying ads on its website, featuring varying ad sizes at different costs.

This and many more business strategies are put in place to earn and dominate the social media market while still delivering values to the users and solving their pain points.

Not that you don’t already know, but I will still mention, that Facebook is more than the chat and like or reaction, nor the stickers and trends, there is a big-time business floating this platform.

And we are not here to discuss how Facebook makes its money both how you can gain part of the money earned by Facebook by buying shares, in other to join in this stock exchange investment.

This explorative investment step is what this article is here to expose and emphasize, to buy a Facebook stock you will need to decide for yourself if Facebook is a good stock choice for an individual or group investments situation.

And if your decision is positive you will need to find an online broker that provides the ability to purchase its stock through NASDAQ stock exchange market.

 NASDAQ is not the only means of buying stocks, there is Robinhood, Redbull, M1 Finance, Tradestation, Firstrade, Stash, and lots more but most of it is similar in their market trades nonetheless, therefore I am using NASDAQ as an example in this article.

How to Buy Facebook Shares

How to Buy Facebook Shares

1: Find a Good Online Broker: to get a good online broker, you must consider:

  • Which markets the broker can access for trading (not all brokers can buy and sell stocks on the NASDAQ)
  • Commissions and fees charged by the company for trading
  • What types of stocks, funds, or investments are available to trade online
  • Whether you can open a brokerage account with this company because of your citizenship status
  • How much time you’re willing to spend learning a new platform (typically less than an hour)
  • What rates the broker offers
  • The best investing platform, you would want simplicity, functionality, educational and customer support, and cost, at least for a beginner.

Because it’s money we are talking about, one must be certain. Some platforms offer sign-up bonuses to boost your beginners’ journey.

2.  Open your brokerage account, once you have located your online broker, you would need to create your account. It is like creating a bank account, and some have extensive requirements and procedures. Provide the correct requirements and move on.

3. Deposit Funds into your account, when you buy shares of Facebook, you will need cash to pay for them, which means you will need to deposit money into your account.

Most platforms enable this via Plaid, some even allow you to trade on credit until the finds are finally in your account.

4. Buy your Shares of Facebook, your funds are ready, your account is created, and the broker is available, then you will navigate the app for available stocks, and the number of shares is the amount you are willing to pay for fractional shares ownership.

5. The last step is to track your Facebook, once you have bought stocks, you should use the best possible portfolio management app to track it over time.

Conclusively, most people, probably imagined buying shares in a company such as Facebook that grows in value can your pocket with enough money to retire early and live a financially secure life.

If a Facebook stock has been one of your top choices when it comes to buying shares in a company, then follow the above step and begin your stock exchange adventure.

However, buying stocks has never been so simple a task, there are always complexities, especially when you are new to the stock market, you need time to learn and gain experience.

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