How to Convert a Pdf File to an Excel File In 2023

PDFs with a lot of data entries require conversion to Excel format for better analysis. You got your document in PDF and you wanted it in excel format, no problem, you can convert it to your desired format with every detail fully readable and interpreted after conversion.

In this article, with a few quick easy steps, I will guide you step by step on how to convert your PDF document into an excel document for your working need.

How to Convert your Pdf Using Adobe Acrobat Pro Dc

This is not a difficult tool to use in converting your PDF and it will take only about 5minutes if you already have the application.

The Adobe Acrobat Pro is well known for its PDF reading and editing capabilities, popular for its conversion method and a featured app such as this is a paid-for package but fortunately, your PDF conversion can still be done in the free trial, guaranteeing you can get your conversion done.

Let us get to converting

Step 1: Download the software

  • Visit
  • Click start a free trial
  • If you don’t have an Adobe account, input your email in the type of field and follow instructions to create an Adobe account
  • Fill in payment details for after 7 days free trial, if you wish to continue
  • Download the app

Step 2: Open the software and select the tool tab

Step 3: Pick the export pdf icon, this icon is also on the pane, on the right side without having to go through the tools tab

Step 4: Select the pdf document you desire to convert from your storage.

  • Select spreadsheet from the export options and decide whether you prefer Microsoft Excel workbook format (.xlsx) or spreadsheet 2003 format (.xml).

Step 5: You can further adjust your eventual excel document setting, tweaking how many spreadsheets should be created and what symbols to use for the separators.

Step 6: Review your settings and decisions to be certain you are Ok with your settings.

Step 7: Here is the point of deciding where to save your document. You can save in the recent folder or in any random folder you wish, once your choice is made, click the “OK” button and there you go, converted, and saved.

Conversion may take a few seconds, depending on your PC processor or the complexity of your data set. Excel document will automatically open once the conversion is done.

How to Convert to Pdf Using a Free Web Application

Do you prefer another server or a third-party application to take care of the load of work, and convert your PDF to Excel document for you? You can, but you would have a range of options to choose from.

For this, I would recommend because it is user-friendly, free and it does a great job, swiftly too. However, I would advise when using and your document are sensitive, private, and would take time to analyze, you should use a local conversion method for the safety of the document. The company, has confirmed promptly deleting all uploaded document for conversion on their site within six (6) hours from when it was uploaded.

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With you will have an efficient conversion in three (3) simple steps as follows.

  • Step 1: Open the in a browser
  • Step 2: Click upload the document and select PDF you want to convert to Excel, or you can drag and drop in the provided area.
  • Step 3: Large files for conversion will take quite a while to convert, especially PDFs with lots of data sets. Once the conversion is done click the free download button.


Once you through till the end, to the point of downloading, your document will be in an Excel format for your use.

You can also try, like, all you must do is upload your PDF, on the upload document button that shows on the main home page.

After uploading the document, the system will automatically convert your PDF to an Excel document, this could have hundreds of PDF pages converted in a moment. Once your document is converted, you will see a download icon, hit it to download your document in excel format.

There are a dozen ways to have your PDF document converted to Excel for your use, but I recommend these above-outlined methods for your use because they are highly effective and accurate. So go right ahead and try these out.

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