How to Factory Reset an Android Phone

Why do people factory reset an android phone? Many reasons may be responsible for this. If you want to give out your phone to someone else because you got a new one, you may likely want to remove your apps and private information from them. Doing this for individual apps may take time and you may forget to delete or uninstall many apps.

However, factory resetting removes all data that you saved on your smartphone. Factory resetting deletes all the apps, data, and photos saved in any location in the smartphone other than your Google account. They will be deleted forever when you do a factory reset of your smartphone.

You can save some data in your google account before factory resetting your smartphone. This will enable you to have access after it is done. Factory resetting restores your phone to its original state when you first bought it. They are few apps preinstalled.

There are two ways to reset your phone. Hard reset is equivalent to factory resetting. Soft reset occurs when you power off your device and turn it on again. It does not delete your information.

It is simple to do a factory reset on phone. You just need to follow some simple steps to get it right.

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Go to Settings

You can do a factory resetting of your phone by going to settings and selecting systems. Note that you are about to do a major change.


Select Reset

When you select settings, you have to option to reset. Click on it to begin the process.


Erase all data

Under the factory reset select the option to erase all data in the phone. You will be asked to confirm your selection, click in the affirmative.


Factory resetting

Once you have confirmed the erase, your smartphone will reboot. You will also see a sign on the screen that it is erasing all data. This may take as long as 10 minutes before it is completed.

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