How To Lock Individual Apps On Your Smartphone 2021

It is possible to lock individual apps on your phone to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing apps that contain valuable information about you. There is a way to lock each of the apps in your phone no matter how many they are, giving each a unique passcode without which, they cannot be accessed. It can be done on both android phones and IOS within a few minutes. But special interests will be given to android phones because they are used by 80% of smartphone users.

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Locks for apps are not expensive. You can get a good one from the Google Play Store. However, let’s show you an inbuilt feature on your android phone that can lock apps as well before we discuss the apps and how to install and use them to lock the individual apps on your phone. Smartphone manufacture’s thought about phone security and how the phone can be shut down when it enters the wrong hand. Not just shut down but lockout access to apps if any strange activity is observed. Screen pinning is the hack that manufacturers use to secure smartphones and the apps that they contain. Screen printing allows you to lock the screen of your phone to only a certain app. If your phone gets into the wrong hands and an attempt is made to exit that app (to access other vital ones for criminal purposes) the lock screen feature will automatically become active.

For Android OS 9.0 Pie users, the following guide will help you activate a simple screen pinning to enjoy its benefit.

  • Open Settings and select the Security and Location option
  • Click on the Advanced option and select screen printing
  • Set it to “on” when prompted, and select “on” for the “ask for pin”

When this has been done, you need to click on the “Overview button at the bottom of the screen to show the various apps that you can pin to the screen when it is activated. Select all the apps that you want to pin and click on “Pin” when prompted. The process will be completed when you select “got it” and your phone will have the feature activated. If your phone has a different screen pinning procedure, it should be too different from this.

Now that you have learned how to use the feature on your android phone, we will now show you many apps that perform similar functions and can help you secure individual apps on your phone. Various apps can lock the individual apps on your phone that can be gotten from the Google play store on your phone. You can install Smart AppLock, AppLock Pro, among others.

Here is how to go about installing the apps that can lock individual apps on your phone if your phone does not have the screen pin feature or if you prefer using third-party apps to secure the apps on your phone.

  • Choose a suitable App and download
  • Open the app then input a passcode for each of the apps that you want to lock when prompted. Ensure that you use a passcode that is not the same as your phone password. You can use a different passcode for respective apps.
  • Grant the app permission to open on any other app on your phone. This will enable it to be activated when the need arises.
  • While your app is still open now select the apps that you intend to lock. After selecting them, tap the lock button and it is done. Remember that you will have to input a password for the apps while locking.

If the process is successful, you will be notified.

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