How to Split Screen on Windows 11

If multitasking and productivity is your watchword, which it should be, by the way, and it so happens you operate your PC with the Windows 11 OS, then you have got to try out the new split-screen function popularly called “snap layouts”. This feature enables you to split your screen into two or more, so you can work on other apps or tasks side by side.

There is more to this window 11 screens splitting capability, especially how it boosts multitasking, giving you various splitting layouts to choose from.

All the shortcut keys snap layouts, and others the windows 11 OS offers relating to how to split screening are what this article discusses.

Ready to learn how to split your screen? Let’s get down to business.

1. Snap Layout

Snap layouts is a Windows 11 feature that lets you arrange your apps quickly and neatly on your desktop, making it easier to see all and use all at once, reinforcing the definition of multitasking.

  • Tap the Windows 11 keyboard shortcut “Windows + I” to open Windows Settings. Then, click “Multitasking” under “System”.
  • Ensure the “Snap Windows” toggle is on. It will enable you to access Snap layout (Snap Assist) which is a new feature on Windows 11 enabling splitting the screen.
  • Hovering on the “maximize button” will cause the Snap layout to appear. Click the column you prefer, and it will snap in that direction, for instance, click the right column, and it will snap to the right side of your screen
  • On the other side of whichever you snapped to earlier, you can open another window. To tweak the window size, you can use the slide to move from left to right or right to left.
  • Other snap layouts are available for your pleasure, snapping horizontally or even into three.
  • Snapping the layouts into four sides on your screen, simply click on the title bar and move to whichever corner you like. For example – moving it to the bottom right corner, it will snap there. You are at liberty to snap wherever you like on your screen.


2. Keyboard Shortcut

  • To swiftly split the screen in Windows 11, keyboard shortcuts are your go-to location. Tap “Windows + Z” on an active window, and the Snap layout will appear. You can then choose your desired layouts.
  • However, if you are running Windows 11 Insider Preview Dev build 22593 or higher, this shortcut will not provide you with the snap layout, instead it will show you numbers assigned to each snap layout. Press any of the assigned corresponding numbers on your keyboard and will split the screen to the desired position on your Windows 11 PC”
  • Also, another way you can split your screen on windows 11 from your keyboard is simply pressing “Windows + right arrow key”, it will snap the window to the right in Windows 11, the same applies to the left, and “Windows + left key” will snap the window to the left half of your screen.

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Now, someone may be wondering how do I split my screen into four with keyboard shortcuts? The answer is to press “Windows + right key”. Ordinarily, this will split your screen in half, but while “Windows + right key” is still pressed down, you can add the top or bottom arrow to have the screen snap to a quarter of the screen, either top or bottom.

With these shortcuts to splitting your screen, I doubt you would even want to practice the first method.

3. Snap Bar

As far as knowledge grows, tech just keeps making life better and easier, on a recent Windows 11 Insider Dev build, dragging the window to the top-center of the screen will open or display the snap bar.

Once the Snap bar shows, drag the window to your desired layout, and it will split. If you have a windows 11 touch screen device, then life’s good. As Windows 11 continues to get more stable upgrades the likelihood of this simple way to split screen will be available to almost all windows 11 users.

In the end, we find that splitting your screen with this new feature is not so hard, all you must do is put it to work and you will see the nudge it gives to ease multitasking. Imagine a UI/UX designer must first minimize and go to illustrator to pick a vector, then must go back to Figma or Adobe XD to make use of the vector, but what if he had them running at the same time

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