How to Turn Keyboard Lightning on and off 2023

We are all so psyched about keyboard back lightning, which enables us to use our PCs in dark places without straining our eyes to see the keys on our keyboard, however, turning it on and off is another matter altogether.

There is no single way for turning on or off our keyboard backlight. It has and will always vary from laptops and peripheral manufacturers; it has even been different in the same laptop brands.

This variety is why this article has focused on the possible ways to regulate your keyboard lighting on and off for most brands.

Once again this won’t eat up much of your time if you follow through and all you need is your PC and keyboard software if any is available. Again, you must be certain your PC has keyboard lighting before considering this article’s instruction, if your PC doesn’t have a backlight then you can sit this one out.

Let’s get on this ride, shall we?

Press The Keyboard Lightning Indicator Button

Some keyboard has a button that indicates the keyboard light, in most cases this button always functions as the trigger that turns on and off the keyboard light. An example of such a PC is the Logitech G Pro. In this PC’s keyboard, you would look for a button with a sun icon printed with rays at the upper right corner of the keyboard.

It is not the same icon for all keyboards across board, it varies from brand to brand. So, look for that indicator button, if your PC has, you have found your on and off toggle button for switching on and off your keyboard light.

Pressing the Increase Brightness Button

Again, there are variations on buttons that increase and decrease brightness, in some cases just a button, on other accounts two buttons.

In certain models of MacBook, you increase brightness by pressing the “increase brightness keys”, this key looks like half the sun with 3 rays. Press this key until you get the desired level of keyboard light brightness. To turn this off there is another key, the ” decrease brightness key”, which is half-a circle outlined in dots (instead of rays), press this key until the light turns off.

These keys used in turning on or off the keyboard light should be functional for most models of MacBook that runs on macOS High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, or Monterey.

Pressing the Assigned Function Key

These are the F1 to F12 keys on the keyboard, for some laptops, turning on the keyboard light is the function of one of these keys, however, finding out which key it is may depend on the model of the laptop.

For instance, the Dell notebook PCs, F6, F10, F5, or the right arrow key will turn on or off the keyboard light in some cases. They often add an icon on that button to serve as an indicator. If you don’t see an illumination icon such as the half-sun with rays stamped on it then your PC doesn’t have a back keyboard light.

But if your PC, has it, then you can scale the level of brightness by pressing the function key and that button with the icon. For instance, if your PC has the illumination icon on F10, pressing F10 will toggle on and off, but pressing don Fn + F10 will scale from increasing to decreasing the keyboard light.

For HP, it would be F5, F4, or F11, you may need to press multiple times to scale from dull to bright or turn it off. There should also be a backlight icon stamped on the button as an indicator.

If you don’t know the key to trigger the PC backlight for the keyboard, then you can look it up in your manufacturer’s manual.

Using the Touchpad

For some MacBook models adjusting the keyboard, and lighting is done with the touch bar instead. Tapping the arrow icon on the touch bar to open its control strip. To turn on or off the backlight, tap on the increased brightness or decree brightness button, looking like a half-circle outlined in dots, not rays.

Adjusting in Windows Mobility Center

You can turn on and off your keyboard light in the control panel of your PC but that solely depends on your model and your manufacturer.

For MacBook, it is the control center, selects keyboard brightness, and then drags its slider like a volume button, increase or decrease. MacBook running macOS, Monterey, or Big Sur has this.

For Windows PC you will go to the mobility center in the control panel. Go to control panel > hardware and sound > Windows mobility center. Here you look for keyboard brightness (or backlighting) settings, click its slider, and pull the slider to the right to turn the backlight on and the other way to turn it off.

Using Keyboard Softwares

Some keyboards have their app with which they can customize the settings of your PC, an example is an app used for the Razer’s laptop and its peripheral: Synapse.

This app Synapse can be used to customize the lighting effect of your Razer gaming laptop’s keyboard. This includes increasing or decreasing the brightness of your keyboard light or adjusting the settings in such a way that the keyboard light stays in sleep mode.

Enabling Backlight in the Bios

If your PC has a button indicating keyboard light but somehow your keyboard won’t light up, then you may want to check your device’s BIOS setting and ensure the lighting for your keyboard is configured correctly and updated if not updated. Be sure to follow your manufacturer’s model when configuring the BIOS setting.

You can browse out the manuals online to guide you through configuring yours, manufacturers such as HP and Dell have theirs posted on the internet, go, and check it out first.

With these 7 methods, you can now get on the front foot of adjusting either In or off your laptop’s keyboard light for your pleasure. These 7 patterns have covered a wide range of laptops and models on how to turn on or off your laptop’s keyboard light.

If after this you are certain your laptop keyboard has a light and it is not coming on, kindly visit a professional or call your manufacturer’s service line for an answer.

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