How to Upgrade Your Ps4 Games to Ps5 2023

Whenever using a PS5 console, you may have the option to upgrade a disc or digital PS4 game to the digital PS5 version. Thanks to the new to the new Sony console’s excellent backward compatibility feature, you can now play most PlayStation 4 games on the PlayStation 5.

That being said, some publishers take it a step further with the next-gen console, by allowing you to upgrade PS4 games to the PS5 versions for free. This lets you play with 4K dynamic resolution at 60 frames per second and delivers shorter loading times, making for smoother gaming experience with less waiting around.

     This upgrade is, however, also dependent on the game. Some upgrades may occur at no additional cost, may require a purchase, or may be available for a limited time. When upgrading Ps4 games to Ps5, a stable internet connection is usually required. The PS5 is available now but has been going in and out of stock at retailers. The digital-only model costs $400 (N165,000), and the one with a disc drive is $500 (N206,260).

Here are few things to note:

How to Upgrade Your Ps4 Games to Ps5

     Your game upgrades do not happen automatically or through a typical game update, so it is possible and very common to keep playing the PS4 version of a game on your new PS5. You have to go to the game page on the PlayStation Network and choose to upgrade to the PS5 version. That will download the extra data needed for the next-gen features.

     Additionally, not every game can be upgraded, and even for those that can be upgraded, not all of them will be able to carry over your save data. However, all upgraded games should feature increased frame rates, faster loading times, and better resolutions. It is also advisable to keep any extra content that came with your original purchase, like soundtracks or art books.

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     You can also upgrade to PS5 versions if you have a physical PS4 game, so far as you bought the PS5 version with a disc drive. You will always need to use the PS4 disc to play the PS5 version because upgrading does not get you a free digital copy of the game. You will still have to download the PS5 update from the PSN, but you will not need a PS5-specific disc because your PS4 one will become an authenticator.

If you went for the digital-only option for the PS5 and you have a disc, then you are out of luck. Here are a few more limitations and caveats you should be aware of:

  • Some particular PS5 versions of current PS4 games are not yet in stores.
  •  Next-gen versions will be bigger files, so they are very likely to take up a lot of memory on the console’s SSD.
  • A few games’ saves will not transfer, and some require you to upload your save manually from the PS4 version before you can have access to it on PS5.
  • Some game upgrades are available only in cross-gen bundles or special editions.

Upgrading a Ps4 Game with a Physical Disc to Ps5

Upgrading a Ps4 Game with a Physical Disc to Ps5

     You can upgrade the games whether you have the physical disc, or just the digital version, but note that discs can only be played on the PS5 Standard Edition. Also, to upgrade a PS4 game disc to the digital PS5 version, your PS4 game disc needs to have originated from the same country as your account for PlayStation Network.

  1. Sign into your PlayStation account on the PS5 console (or you can choose to create a new account).
  2. Insert the eligible PS4’s disc into the PS5 console disc slot.
  3. Go to the PlayStation Game Hub and locate the game that you just inserted.
  4. Select “Free PS5 Upgrade,” which you can find towards the top right corner of the screen (Review the upgrade offer).
  5. Choose “Free” to the left of the Purchase Price icon.
  6. Click “Accept” to confirm your free purchase.
  7. You can now download.
  8. After it has been downloaded, you can play the PS5 digital game by inserting the PS4 game disc. You will be required to keep the disc inserted each time to play the game.

Upgrading an eligible PS4 digital game on any PS5 console (with a disc drive or PS5 Digital Edition)

Upgrading an eligible PS4 digital game on any PS5 console (with a disc drive or PS5 Digital Edition)

     For you to upgrade an eligible digital PS4 game that you already own to the digital PS5 version, these are the steps you have to take;

  1. You have to first sign in to your existing account on your PS5 console.
  2.  Find the PS5 game in PlayStation Store, or search for it, and go to the game hub for the PS5 game. If you have already purchased the PS4 version of the game and it’s eligible to be upgraded, you’ll see a pop-up on the right side of the page for a PS5 Upgrade. Click it.
  3.  Select the upgrade offer on the game hub and review the upgrade offer.
  4.  Select Download (or purchase with the discount price) to download/purchase content.
  5.  Once the download is complete, you can then play the PS5 game.

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