Infinix Zero 20 vs Infinix Zero Ultra Which is Better?

In October, we saw the leading brands launching its new product which boasts the latest technology. Infinix have not been left out, launching its Zero 20 and Zero Ultra is the latest in the Zero series. With eye-catching designs and latest technology, we did say, both phones really do stand out.

Infinix Zero 20 vs Infinix  Zero Ultra Which is Better?

Ultra 8c cell battery, 200MP camera, Fast processor etc are few features in the latest infinix series. It is clear to see that Infinix had focused more on improving its battery life and its camera, however, that’s not take anything away from both phones.

Let’s explore their features and see how both phone fair;

Design and Display Quality

Infinix Zero ultra comes in Amoled glass, plastic frame and a plastic back and will be in two colors; Coslight silver and Genesis Noir, weighing over 213g. In dimension, 

  • Coslight Silver: 165.50 x 74.50 x 8.76mm
  • Genesis Noir: 165.50 x 75.08 x 9.16mm

The Infinix Zero 20 will also come in Amoled glass, plastic frame and a plastic back same as the Zero Ultra but differs in its dimension;

  • 164.43 x 76.66  x 7.98mm

It comes in three colors; Space gray, Glitter gold and Green fantasy and weighs about 196g. Making a little lighter and slimmer than the Zero Ultra.

Infinix Zero Ultra comes with a 6.8-inch AMOLED curved display with FHD+ resolution of 1800 x 2400, a PPI of 397 and a refresh rate of 120Hz.

While the Zero 20 comes with a 6.7 -inch AMOLED with FHD+ resolution of 1800 x 2400, a PPI of 395 and a refresh rate of 60Hz.  

Battery life and charging

Infinix introduced Zero Ultra, first of its kind in the market, a charging system dubbed (fast and furious) with a battery size of 5000mAh and a charging speed of 120w. An Ultra 8c cell which uses a GaN technology, bringing small size and high conversion. Charge to 100% in 2min. With its ultra thin and large VC soaking plate, equipped with four graphite sheets, helps reduce the core temperature. 

The Zero 20 with a battery size of 4500mAh and a charging speed of 45w. Charging at 75% in 30min, we did say, it’s quite fast even if not compared to the Thunder charge technology the Zero Ultra came with.

Infinix brand is yet to adopt the wireless charging system. We can only wait and see if its next products will come with such a feature.

Software and Performance

Both phones come in Android 12, as opposed to the latest version of Android 13. C.P.U, Zero Ultra comes with 2.5Ghz octa-core, G.P.U Arm Mali-G68 MC4 not forgetting its Mediak Dimesity 920 (TSMC 6nm) chip, making it exceptionally light on power with good graphics.

The Zero 20 shares similar features with the Zero Ultra such as RAM size 8GB, Internal memory space of 128GB  but with a little tweak. with its 2.2Ghz octa-core C.P.U. Arm Mali-G57 and Mediak helio G99 (TSMC 6nm) production process chip, enables users to experience exceptionally power efficiency while enjoying a good gaming experience with a battery that lasts longer than ever..

While the Zero Ultra might have a slightly better hardware and performance rate than the Zero 20. The Zero 20 is in a class of its own.


With 200MP and 180MP cameras for both phones, we sure say, its first of its kind in the market. Boasting a triple back camera of 200MP f/1.9 OIS, 13MP f/2.2 (ultra wide) and 2MP  f/3.4 (telephoto) helps to bring a broader view and enhance the depth and hierarchy layer of the picture.

Its selfie camera is a 32MP f/2.2 with dual rear flash and dual front flash. The Zero Ultra also comes with an Ultra vision sensor and 200m OIS enhanced night photography. More interestingly, It allows users to capture moments with both back and front camera at the same time (dual view video) with its video set at 4K@30fps, 1080p@30/60fps for the rear camera and 1080p@30fps for the front camera. 

The Zero 20 dubbed the Vlog partner comes with triple front camera  108MP f/1.8 (wide angle), 13MP f/2.4 (telephoto) and 2MP f/2.4 (macro sensor) capturing images no matter the the distance with its 10x zoom. Its selfie camera is 60MP OIS f/2.0 and the video 1080p@30fps for both the rear and front camera. It also comes with a dual flash for both front and back cameras. 

In conclusion, Infinix had given users the option to pick from its latest design coming with an improved camera, Thunder Charger with incredible speed, and a much improved processor allowing users to experience quality graphics while enjoying a good gaming experience. However, it’s clear to say that the Zero Ultra is an improvement/upgrade of the Zero 20 not taking anything away from the Zero 20.

Missed reaction had come to why Infinix Zero Ultra not coming with the usual 3.5 jack as used on the Zero 20 rather they opted for the type-c port. This probably would be that Infinix is preparing its user since the European Union voted that all brands come with the type-c port. This all boils down to users preference. 

Why we pick which phone we go for, price should also come into mind. Said to be within the price range of  NGN 250000, the Ultra Zero 20 is less expensive than the Zero Ultra set at NGN 335,000 – 200,000.

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