List of unapproved phones in Nigeria

The agency in charge of all communications and any device use for communication purposes has warned Nigerians against buying phones that have not been approved by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

The NCC has also promised to enforce serious sanctions of marketers selling unlicensed gadgets to Nigerians.

In line with this determination to put an end to the spread of unapproved devices in Nigeria, the NCC team has arrested one Yahaya Ado of Gazewa communications for marketing and selling fake Gionee phones.

Dangers of Using Devices not Approved by the NCC

What are the dangers of using devices not approved by the NCC. The NCC has also listed some of the dangers of using phones that have not been deemed fit to be used in Nigeria. Here are some of the dangers

  • Exposure to dangerous substances used in the production process
  • Access to personal data without approval
  • Unauthorized changes to data at intervals
  • Introduction of dangerous codes into phone operating systems
  • Serious security vulnerabilities

Phones disapproved by NCC

Here are the list of phones that Nigerians should avoid as directed by the Nigeria Communications Commission

  • Gionee G800,
  • Gionee L990;
  • H-Mobile it5606+,
  • H- Mobile H351
  • FoxKong F30,
  • Foxkong F300
  • KGTEL K2160
  • KGTEL KG1100.
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