Most Expensive iPhones in the World in 2023

Most Expensive iPhones in the World – Luxury still matters a lot in our world and it shapes products and consumer’s tastes. Today a million-dollar can get you a house in many parts of the world and you can have a great business with that amount for a start. More fascinating is that you can also get a smartphone that can be that expensive.

These Most Expensive iPhones in the World are not just expensive, they have many features that other phones do not have. Their brand also contributed to their general acceptance. The desire to meet up with the status of a social class makes more people demand it as they get better financially. These and more are what makes them the most expensive iPhones on the planet.


The United States currently recognizes only about 11 million iPhone users. That is a small number compared with those that use their phones. Well. It is not gin got to have a beautiful waitress standing by to say hello when you wake up or a free massage. People now look far beyond the usual when they want to buy a smartphone and that has led to the creation of some of the world’s most expensive phones.

You might be thinking that apple must be the one but it goes far being that. Even apple phones do not have the same money value because some are more expensive than others. So, it may be relevant to ask what makes a phone expensive? Normally, Apple phones are expensive irrespective of version because they make use of high-quality materials and contain good features.

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Each version of the Most Expensive iPhones in the World comes as an improvement of the former one and it gets better every day. Interesting, Apple products rank among the top 3most expensive phones in the world.

1. Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 (Most Expensive iPhones in the World)

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If you are yet to find out why this iPhone is nicknamed “pink diamond” then you don’t know its current costs. According to a Gadget Snow report, the Luxury Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 costs no less than $48.5 million. With that amount, you can buy a house in the United States and buy the latest Totoya car brand.

But if you are concerned about luxury phones, the Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 should be on your mind. The pink gold came in 24-carat gold. This phone deserves to be in this position as the most expensive phone in the world. Apple has also gotten richer from its luxury products making $59 billion in 2018.

2. iPhone 4S Elite Gold (Most Expensive iPhones in the World)

iPhone 4S Elite Gold
iPhone 4S Elite Gold

The second most expensive smartphone is the iPhone 4S Elite Gold that costs $9.4 million. It was first released in 2007 and has become the favorite for lovers of luxury phones. It has apps and software that may people expected.

As a Stuart Hughes brand, it has golds on it and is a luxury brand. If an average person wanted to have this phone, they will save money for many years before they will be able to afford it. It deserves a place in our list of most expensive phones.

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3. Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 (Diamond Rose) costs $8 million

The 500 or so diamonds use in the design of this phone makes it a smart choice for luxury phone lovers. Aside from being an expensive phone the Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 has many great features. This iPhone came much later in 2010, 3 years after iPhone 4S Elite Gold was released.

These most Expensive iPhones in the World have one thing in common, they are made for luxury phone lovers. That is why some of them have real gold or diamonds on them. In as much as these phones are very expensive and have many features to secure them, they still make the list of most stolen phones. The security features can lock up the device to prevent third-party access but they can still vandalize its parts to sell them for a high amount.

4. Caviar’s iPhone 15 Pro / Max Diamond Snowflake Edition

Caviar’s iPhone 15 Pro / Max Diamond Snowflake Edition
Caviar’s iPhone 15 Pro / Max Diamond Snowflake Edition

Caviar has introduced one of the most expensive iphones in the world, their stunning Diamond Snowflake Edition of these smartphones, with a price tag of $562,700 USD. The foundation of this exquisite edition is the 256GB iPhone 15 Pro, featuring an 18K white gold casing adorned with a dazzling array of 570 diamonds.

On the rear side, a truly opulent Snowflake Graff necklace pendant, crafted from platinum, white gold, and encrusted with diamonds, serves as the crowning jewel. What makes it even more remarkable is the inclusion of an authenticity certificate from the renowned jewelry maker, Graff. Remarkably, Caviar painstakingly disassembled a genuine Snowflake diamond necklace by Graff to embellish the iPhone, resulting in this unique masterpiece.

Many other phones deserve to be on the list of the Most Expensive iPhones in the World. Had this list been any longer, they would have been mentioned here. The trends in the tech world of producing luxury phones will not stop any time soon. As more people make money and become richer, they will yearn to meet up their desire for luxury phones. They will be ready to spend millions just to get it.

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