New Apple MacBook Air 2022 – Release Date, Price & Specs In Nigeria

News of the new MacBook Air 2022 are in the air after Apple’s October 2021 unveiling of the new 14-inch MacBook Pro 2021 and 16-inch MacBook Pro 2021 packing new M1 Pro or M1 Max chips. Apple has just restructured the MacBook Pro, giving the high-end laptop new ports, new power and, erm, a notch.

From improved screen tech to iMac-inspired new colors, it seems the MacBook Air could be in for a brand new look next year. A leaker has claimed that the MacBook Air 2022 will have a raft of upgrades, from a mini-LED display and the M2 chip to MagSafe charging and new colors. The latest rumour has it that the MacBook Air is slated for a 2022 release alongside new AirPods Pro and a redesigned iPad Pro.


     The memory of the new Apple MacBook Air 2022 is likely to remain at a maximum of 16GB. This is because an adaptation of the powerful chips of the MacBook Pro that support more RAM will not be possible due to the excessive power consumption and the fact that the MacBook Air lacks a fan.

Design and Display

New Apple MacBook Air 2022 - Release Date, Price & Specs In Nigeria

     Apple is developing a “thinner and lighter version of the MacBook Air”. This new MacBook Air will apparently no longer have the tapered design it is well known for. Instead of the tapered look, it will have a flat design and the case will be only fractionally thicker than a USB-C socket. The new MacBook Air will come in a variety of colours, just like the 24in iMac. Slimmer bezels are expected on the next MacBook Air. However, that could also mean a notch in the top of the display for the camera, as seen on the MacBook Pro 2021.


     The screen is also likely to use a mini-LED display like the iPad Pro 2021 and new MacBook Pros, which should mean a boost in brightness and colours. Mini-LED is a screen backlighting tech that provides better colour reproduction, blacker blacks, higher contrast and greater dynamic range. The technology is already used for the iPad Pro and is expected to come to the MacBook Pro in 2021. Apple is also expected to move much of its Mac (and iPad) range to mini-LED displays, although there have been several delays due to supply constraints. Mini-LED displays bring the following improvements:

  • Deeper and darker blacks
  • Brighter, richer colours
  • Better contrast
  • Without the burn-in issues of OLED
  • More power efficient
  • Allowing for thinner and lighter products
New Apple MacBook Air 2022 - Release Date, Price & Specs In Nigeria

     More colours are also expected on the MacBook Air 2022, as Apple is moving away from just Space Gray and Silver. Off-white is likely to come along with the other colours that draw inspiration from the pastel hues of the iMac 2021.

There is not much word yet on a keyboard or track pad upgrade. However, there are claims the new MacBook Air’s keyboard will feature full-sized function keys, as opposed to the squat versions on the current model. That will push the rest of the keyboard down, which in turn means the trackpad will be slightly smaller.

But the Force Touch track pad is one of the best around, and after Apple moved away from the Butterfly keyboard mechanism to re-adopting a scissor key mechanism, typing on MacBooks has been greatly improved.

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Processor Specifications

     MacBook Air will feature a new M2 chip, which would kick-start a new generation for the Apple Silicon processors. The new chip will sport the same number of CPU cores as its predecessors, but will still run faster, all thanks to the major improvements made to the architecture. The GPU cores could also be increased from 8 to 10.

MagSafe and Ports

     One of the best changes rumored to be coming to the MacBook Air is the return of MagSafe. The original MagSafe featured a charging cable that would be magnetically attached to your MacBook, meaning it would snap free if it was accidentally yanked, and stop your laptop from smashing onto the floor. Its absence after being discontinued in 2019 has been greatly missed, so its likely return is great news.

They will likely be the third-generation MagSafe, which is both smaller and more powerful. Aside from that, the MacBook Air will also come with two USB4 ports. The MacBook Air will not have the HDMI and SD card slot that the MacBook Pro includes.

Release Date

     The Apple event on 18 October came and went with no announcement of the new MacBook Air. With global chip shortages that are affecting Apple and other manufacturers, and world-wide manufacturing and shipping delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems that any plans Apple might have had to launch a new MacBook Air in 2021 have been scrapped. This means that the next MacBook Air revision is widely expected to launch in 2022.


     It is hard to tell how much the next MacBook Air will cost, as the price is usually one of the last details to be released. With a mini-LED display and a new colorful design, it is possible that Apple starts the new Air at $1,099 (N454,437) or $1,199 (N495,787) and leaves an older M1 model at the $999 (N413,087) tier, much like it did with the 21.5-inch iMac after the 24-inch model arrived.


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