NVIDIA GeForce MX150 vs GTX 1050 (Laptop) – gaming performance and benchmarks

NVIDIA’s new-generation GeForce MX150 notebook graphics card has already being equipped in some models but we’re yet to see how it performs because of how scarce it’s to find. The MX150 is the direct successor to the GeForce 940MX and comes with a lot of improvements. So far, this graphics card has proved to be a high-end GPU with seamless performance. Now, it’s time to put it head-to-head with the GTX 1050.

On the other hand, the GTX 1050 is the lowest-tier gaming graphics card from NVIDIA and it boasts of enough horsepower for every flagship games on medium settings. Also, this is the best ultra-budget option GPU and it’s available on all-around laptops like Dell XPS 15 and gaming machines such as Dell G3 15. However, the NVIDIA GeForce MX150 is not naturally a gaming graphics card but has established itself worthy of some light gaming and that’s why we’ve compared it with the other low-end chip.

Overview of NVIDIA GeForce MX150 vs GTX 1050

NVIDIA GeForce MX150 vs GTX 1050
NVIDIA GeForce MX150 vs GTX 1050

Why both graphics cards are made with the 14nm FinFet processor and are Pascal-based, they’re quite different when it comes to specs. However, the 14nm FinFet processor is the only thing the cards have in common. Meanwhile, the MX150 is the mobile version of the GT1030 based on the GP108 chip while the GTX 1050 is built around the GP107 chip.

Fortunately, we found out the MX150 sports a higher clock speed than the other with 1468 (1532 Boost) MHz and the GTX 1050 features 1354 (1493 Boost) MHz. Interestingly, the case turns around in the memory clock with the GTX1050 having a higher 7000 vs 6008 MHz on the MX150. Also, there’s a maximum RAM of 4GB on the GTX1050 while the MX150 is only limited to just 2GB.

Also, the GTX 1050 has a wider interface and maximum bandwidth of 128-bit vs the MX150’s 64-bit. Interestingly, the GTX 1050 has nearly double the amount of CUDA cores than that of the MX150 at 640 and 384 respectively.

Gaming Performance of NVIDIA GeForce MX150 vs GTX 1050

In terms of gaming, the synthetic benchmarks score corresponds to the real-life gaming performance of the two graphics cards. Just like on paper, the GTX 1050 is a bit more powerful than the other card in GTA with the lowest graphics settings. However, when we crank up the graphics to medium settings, the GTX 1050 delivers almost twice the MX150. However, when its cranked to the max settings, the GTX 1050 struggles while the other didn’t run the application at all. Meanwhile, this doesn’t mean that the MX150 can’t run your games, but it’s capable so far you stick to the medium or lowest resolution.

Verdict: NVIDIA GeForce MX150 vs GTX 1050

Graphics cards are one of the important equipment your laptop needs for effective performance. From all indications, the GTX 1050 is more superior to the MX150. Undoubtedly, both are great graphics cards for effective and fast performance, but the GTX 1050 is second to none.

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