PS6 (PlayStation 6) – release date, specs and price

Although the most recent PlayStation 5 to hit the market was released in 2020, it is still not too early to discuss what will come after that. Even though it’s still years away, the Sony PS6 is anticipated to have new features and improvements.

Even though it’s unlikely that the next game system will be released for a few more years, that wouldn’t stop us from daydreaming about what Sony might have in store.

It is good to know that Sony has already trademarked the names PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, and PS10, indicating that there are already preparations in place for them. Everything there is to know about the Sony PS6, including the features anticipated for the next-generation game console, has been detailed in this article ahead of a likely release date.

Key expected specifications of the Sony PS6

Product typePlaystation
Maximum Graphic Quality4K, 120Hz refresh rate  
ConnectivityBluetooth, Wifi, Ethernet, Smart Cable
Dimension16.82 x 4.02 x 13.9
Number of controllers included1
Warranty90 Days

Sony PS6 Expected Specifications

Sony PS6 Expected Specifications

Smaller Console

The PS5 from a year ago is a sizable device and the biggest PlayStation console ever. It is therefore impossible for people who lack the necessary storage capacity. However, Sony may streamline the console in the upcoming PS6 by making it smaller to allow for adequate airflow without creating any annoyances.

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Improved UI

Even if the redesigned PS5 user interface is excellent, there are still a few issues that need to be fixed with the upcoming PS6. Some features, such as the PlayStation store, are difficult to use, particularly when attempting to locate friends. The PS5 UI is still usable despite this; however, a little tweak will be required to make it more accessible.

Built-in wireless

Wireless internet access and charging are both features of modern PlayStations that would be fantastic to have. However, what we’re talking about here is a little more practical: a spot on the top of the console, or perhaps through an arm slideout, that can charge accessories. Put your phone on it, as well as any other devices that can wirelessly charge.

Utilising the PS6’s always-plugged-in state to charge your everyday items would be excellent, albeit it may seem strange at first. You could do away with the DualSense charging station and wireless USB dongle if the headset’s wireless adapter was built into the console.

Storage enhancement 

If the internal hard drive isn’t big enough for your needs, it’s possible but difficult to add more storage to the PS5. We hope Sony increases the PS6’s internal accessibility so that replacing the hard drive with a bigger, more important disk is simpler, perhaps with a plug-and-play design.

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The read speeds you’re used to with the onboard NVMe SSD won’t even come close to being possible with an external drive. If not a new option to update the drive, a bigger SSD would suffice for most individuals.

Wireless Charging Support for Controllers

Having a new innovation will make more sense, in our opinion. There is no denying that the charging dock for the PS5 DualSense controllers functions well and slides into the charging pin with ease.

Sony must incorporate wireless charging capabilities into the next PS6 in order to compete with the smartphone industry. Placing the controller on top of the console will make it simple to charge it; alternatively, a separate charging port would be nice.

Wireless Connection to the TV

Most of our media devices have just too many wires, and the PlayStation 5 is not exempt. Along with the HDMI and power connections and an additional cable for PSVR 2, there is also a separate plug block for the charging base for the controllers.

In the Sony PS6, we want to avoid all of this. With everything else being wireless, a single power lead would be greatly appreciated.

Sony PS6 Expected Release Date in Nigeria

Since the PS6’s most recent predecessor was only introduced in November 2020, it is improbable that a new one will be released within the next two or three years. The PS4 debuted in 2013 and the PS5 will follow in about six or seven years, according to tradition.

However, the fact that Sony has already registered trademarks for product names up to PS10 is encouraging. Although it has no significance, this does suggest a possible future. We can predict that Sony will deliver the PS6 around 2026 if it follows the same roadmap as the PS4.

Sony PS6 Expected Price in Nigeria

The last few consoles were launched between ₦600,000 to ₦700,000. There is little doubt that the next-generation Sony PS6’s pricing will rise due to the additional features and upgraded hardware it will have. Pre-orders have not yet begun, but Sony is anticipated to make a formal announcement before they do.

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