Updated price of UK/Fairly used Dell laptops in Nigeria 2021

Technology has now proved that everyone needs a laptop, even when they are as young as seven years old. Sometimes before the Coronavirus lockdown, most people in Nigeria thought of laptops only for Yahoo boys, designers, and project writers. Still, things suddenly changed, and technology opened up for a few Nigerians when they locked up their online classroom area.

Updated price of UK/Fairly used Dell laptops in Nigeria 2021

Due to a decline in oil turnover, an increase in the exchange rate, the decline in Nigerians’ standard of living and, above all, a fall in the buying power of naira, most Nigerians cannot really afford a brand-new laptop. The only option for most Nigerians now is to use a fairly used UK laptop that is very cheap as compared to brand new Apple products etc.

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Regardless of your aim of getting a computer, you agree that a laptop in Nigeria is pretty costly and could take a lot of money from you. Still, there is a good way of getting an affordable, quality, long-lasting laptop in Nigeria.

You should ask yourself, ‘What can I do with this laptop before you buy any UK or second-hand Laptop in Nigeria?’ In making the right decision, this question will guide you.

Things to check before buying a UK used Dell Laptop

Check the battery lifespan:

24-hour electric power supply in large cities is almost impossible in some developing countries, Nigeria included. Please spend time on the laptop to ascertain how long the battery lasts and keep in mind that some dealers may change the battery that comes with the PC

Check the screen resolution:

Most sellers usually upload a nice wallpaper to make it all look fantastic for buyers. Change or remove the wallpaper altogether, check the screen for possible cracks or dents and finish by checking for good graphics.

Do not take what the seller says away:

Go with someone who knows much detail about laptops/ notebooks if you don’t know much about laptops yourself. Don’t rely on what the seller says since most of them are not after your satisfaction; just after his business.

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Check the speed of the processor:

Your CPU speed determines how fast your process can perform tasks. To check the processor speed Right-click on the Start button and select “System”

Things to check before buying a UK used Dell Laptop

You can save 50% – 70% money with a UK-based laptop in Nigeria and you’d get to buy even better UK-based laptop directly.

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Most of the laptop sold by reliable dealers in Nigeria comes directly from the United Kingdom, China and other countries. As can be seen in some brand-new laptop in Nigeria, this means the product is original and not refurbished.

Here are the prices of UK used Dell laptops in Nigeria 2020/2021

Here are the prices of UK used Dell laptops in Nigeria 2020/2021
1Dell Vostro V131Intel Core i5, RAM: 4GB, HDD: 320GB₦ 70,000
2 Dell Latitude E5400Intel Core 2 Duo, RAM: 4gb, HDD: 128GB₦ 45,000
3Dell Latitude 3440Intel Core i5; RAM: 4gb, HDD: 500GB₦ 70,000
4Dell Latitude E7240Intel Core i5; RAM: 8GB SSD:256GB₦ 100,000
5Laptop Dell Latitude E6410Intel Core I5; RAM: 4GB, HDD: 320GB₦ 70,000
6Laptop Dell Latitude E3330 4GB Intel Core I3 HDD 320GB  ₦ 75,000
7Laptop Dell Latitude 74408GB Intel Core I5 SSD 128GB  ₦ 120,000
8Dell Inspiron4GB Intel Core i5₦ 60,000
9Laptop Dell Latitude E72408GB Intel Core I5 SSD 128GB  ₦ 100,000
10Laptop Dell Latitude E7240  4GB Intel Core I5 SSD 128GB  ₦ 80,000
11Laptop Dell Latitude E54304GB Intel Core I5 HDD 320GB  ₦ 75,000
12Dell XPS 138GB Intel Core I7 SSD₦ 400,000
13 Dell XPS 15XPS 15 32GB Intel Core I9 SSD 1T  ₦ 670,000
14Dell mini dual-core laptop:Intel core i5₦ 140,000
15Dell Latitude 12 E72508GB Intel Core I5 SSD 256GB  ₦ 150,000
15Dell Xps 15Core i7 750gb-8gb 2gb Nvidia₦ 210,000
16Laptop Dell G7 15 759016GB Nvidia SSHD (Hybrid) 1T  ₦ 420,000
17Laptop Dell Inspiron 15 555912GB Intel Core I5 HDD 1T  ₦ 170,000
18Laptop Dell Vostro 350048GB Intel Core I5 HDD 500GB  ₦85,000
19Laptop Dell Latitude 74408GB Intel Core I5 SSD 128GB  ₦ 140,000
20Laptop Dell Studio XP (1340) 16GB Intel Core I7 HDD 500GB  ₦ 210,000
21Laptop Dell Precision 552032GB Intel Xeon SSD 1T₦ 420,000
22Laptop Dell Vostro V131 48GB Intel Core I5 HDD 320GB  ₦ 85,000
23Laptop Dell G7 15 75908GB Intel Core I5 HDD 750GB  ₦ 185,000
24Laptop Dell Vostro 15404GB Intel Core I3 HDD 320GB  ₦ 70,000
25Laptop Dell Precision M380016GB Intel Core I7 SSD 512GB₦ 230,000
26Dell Xps 15Core i7 1tb+256ssd/16gb 2gb Nvidia₦ 350,000
27Dell Latitude E6420  Core i7 500gb/4gb keyboard light₦ 110,000
28Dell Inspiron 15Core i7 1tb/8gb 4gb Ati Radeon₦ 215,000
29Dell Inspiron 5520i3 320gb/4gb₦ 90,000
30Dell Inspiron 15Intel 500gb₦ 95,000
31Dell Inspiron 15Corei5 1tb/8gb 4gb Nvidia gtx₦ 280,000
32Dell Inspiron 5010Corei5 500gb/4gb 1gb Graphics₦ 95,000
33Dell Inspiron 15 7000   Corei7 1tb/8gb 4gb Nvidia Gtx₦ 330,000
34Dell Vostro 3500corei3 320gb/4gb₦ 85,000
35Dell Precision M4600    Core i7 500gb/8gb 2gb Nvidia₦ 170,000
36Dell Precision M4400Core2 250gb/4gb With Graphics/KeyboardLight₦ 70,000
37Dell Latitude E7440Ultrabook Corei5 128gb-4gb Keyboard Light  ₦ 125,000
38Dell Latitude E6540  Core i7 1tb/8gb 2gb Ati Radeon Graphics₦ 190,000
39Dell Latitude E642  Core i5 320gb/4gb₦ 85,000
40Dell Inspiron N5030  Dual Core 250gb/3gb₦ 75,000
41Dell Inspiron 15 7000 X360  Core i3 500gb/4gb full HD₦ 155,000
42Dell Latitude E6500  Intel Pentium 250gb/2gb₦ 65,000
43Dell Latitude E5510/5410/6510/6410Core i5 320gb/₦ 80,000
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