Sony PS5 vs XBox Series X: Specs and Prices in Nigeria

PS5 vs XBox Series X – After much anticipation and years of waiting, the gaming industry’s biggest names—Sony PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X have been released. Xbox Series X was launched on November 10, 2020, while the PS5 debuted on November 12 2020, marking seven years since the revolution of the Xbox One and the PS4. The PS5 vs Xbox Series X are engaged in a battle of price, specs, and games.

PS5 vs XBox Series X
PS5 vs XBox Series X

New information gathered about these gaming consoles, Naijagadgets blog, took a look from the blog post earlier revealed by Microsoft concerning the Xbox Series X and a Livestream showcase from Sony. The two console showcases in July gave us a glimpse of what to expect from Microsoft and Sony’s gaming consoles, respectively.

Price Differences

Sony and Microsoft have unveiled the prices of their products. As expected, we won’t see anything cheaper than the last previous model from these consoles. However, the price difference isn’t that much.

The selling price of the PS5 starts at a selling price of N499,000 ($499), while the Xbox Series X goes for the same price. If you’re on a budget, don’t give up yet, as they both have cheaper versions. The Xbox Series X cheaper model starts at N299,000 ($299), while the PS5 begins at N399,000 ($399). You can order on their official websites and other supported retailer stores.

In the last generation, the Sony PS4 was the clear winner, but Microsoft seems to have learned from its early mistakes with the Xbox One. From the Xbox Series X specs, they’re trying not to repeat those errors. Now that both companies have nearly ignited their engines, let’s dive into the world of reality and see how the two gaming consoles stack up against each other.

Hardware Details

In today’s review, we’ve compiled plenty of hardware details about the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Both game consoles will deliver speedy SSDs, 8k resolutions, stiff processors, and 120 fps high-frame rates. However, the PS5 and Xbox Series X may not have identical characteristics.

The Microsoft’s Xbox Series X has a fairly moderate design, but it can’t compare to the beauty of the PS5. The Xbox Series X console has a sleek, black matte finishing, and a small, illuminated Xbox logo at the top spot of the rectangular-shaped console. In front of the gaming machine, there’s a disk drive slot for inserting your favorite game CDs.

The  Xbox Series X vs PS5’s Design

The Xbox Series X console is roughly 11.9 inches in vertical dimension and 6 inches wide. It’s not that large, but you might find it difficult to install in some entertainment centers. The design looks cheerily geometrical, and you can also position it horizontally if you have a small vertical space entertainment center. A photograph of the Xbox Series X console was revealed at the Saturn Xperion E-Arena in Germany, giving us a glimpse of how Microsoft’s next-generation console will look like.

The integrated single large fan positioned at the top of the console will help in cooling the machine down after long gaming sessions.

The PS5’s design is quite different from other consoles. The box is predominantly white and features extremely sleek curves. In-between Sony’s next-gen console exists a curvy black section inclined like a skateboard wheel. This place houses the console’s components, and there appears to be a ventilation system on the boundary meant for cooling. Sony’s blue light signature accentuates the edges of the console, giving it a precise, wonderful look. On the front of the console are USB-C and USB-A connection ports.

It’s challenging to say which console wins the race in terms of design. Every gamer is very enthusiastic about the design, but it’s not in our position to tell you the one that is the best. Our taste doesn’t really matter here. The Xbox Series X looks traditional, while the PS5 bears that modern design. Which one you prefer solely depends on your aesthetics.

PS5 vs XBox Series X Graphics and Performances

It’s challenging to determine which of these consoles performs best. For now, we’ve gathered what the two giant companies revealed during the July showcase and confirmed that the two machines vary from each other.

The PS5 will be able to deliver up to 4k gaming, at 120 fps frame rates, and strong support for 8k qualities. However, no specific fps have been identified yet about the console. Massive support for Ray tracing is a big upgrade from Sony, as this will help deliver a more naturalistic gaming lighting, alongside 3D audio effects.

Things are similar on the Xbox Series X console, with both gaming machines offering 4k gaming at 120fps frame rates. The Xbox Series X has 60fps as the minimum mark, even though not all compatible games might reach that target. There’s also support for 8k quality, but the specific frame rate has not been revealed yet. There’s also a presence of Ray tracing as claimed by Sony, but no information has been recorded about the audio quality.

The SSDs might not have a significant effect on gaming performances. However, the two gaming consoles will both feature inbuilt SSDs, making games load faster than ever before. Unfortunately, only Sony has given a solid claim on how the PS5’s SSD could quickly load games, with Sony clearly boasting of 5.5 GB/s vs. 2.4 GB/s output for its SSD.

Xbox Series X vs PS5 Controllers

Neither company is lost in retaining the previous generation’s basic controller designs, but both updates look to be in the internal aspects.

The most famous improvement to Microsoft’s controller is the addition of a salient share button in the middle of the controller meant for transferring contents to your gaming compatriots, similar to what Sony introduced in the PS4 console.

Other notable changes are the improved hybrid D-pad and the meliorate latency to get rid of the delay between a button command and displayed action. Overall, the latest controller is smaller than the last generation’s controller, making it a better-improved version.

On the PS5’s controller, there has also been minimalistic changes added to Sony’s powerhouse. The illuminating lightbar has been withdrawn, with Sony now featuring a simple glow exhaling underneath the slightly larger touchpad. A slight change has also been noticed on the edges of the trigger and the grip, making way for a massive sensation while holding the controller.

Just like the Xbox Series X controller, larger changes have been made on the internal parts with the controller now delivering an impressive faster feedback competent at portraying.

PS5 vs Xbox Series X Backward Compatibility

Sony and Microsoft have both revealed during the July showcase how backward compatibility will work on their respective gaming consoles. From the look of things, it’s assumed that the Xbox will have more vigorous alternatives than the PS5, but the PS5 will have its own plenty of older games as well, but that’s nothing compared to the Xbox Series X.

Microsoft revealed that all Xbox One games will also play on the Xbox Series X console. In addition, Microsoft’s smart delivery solely guarantees that every game you played on Xbox One will also be available on the Xbox Series X. Once you upgrade to the Xbox Series X version, you’ll automatically get the latest version of the game. Furthermore, plenty of original Xbox and Xbox 360 games will also work with the system. That’s truly a nice motive made by Microsoft here.

Another possible advantage of the Xbox Series X is that it’ll perfectly run numerous backward compatible games excellently than their original gaming machines. Microsoft has stated that the old games will play better at 4k resolutions or 120 fps frame rates. We can proudly tell you that a handful of old compatible games will have a better resolution and also play better on the Xbox Series X game console.

However, Sony isn’t up to that standard as Microsoft’s Xbox Series X backward compatibility. Sony now revealed that not every PS4 game will be able to work on the PS5. It now seems clear that the PS1, PS2, and PS3 games will not play at all on the PS5; however, only 98% of the PS4 games will be able to play on the PS5, making it incomplete backward compatibility.

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