7 Best Gaming Keyboards 2021 (Updated): Their Specs and Prices in Nigeria

Nowadays, gaming is becoming extremely harder as the days go by, for you to win, you need to have at least one of the best gaming keyboards currently available in the market . Gaming keyboards will help enhance your gaming experience as well as give you a clear advantage over your opponents during play.

The best gaming keyboards are durable, responsive, more reliable, and perform better. They’ll help to enhance your gaming performance. With these gaming keyboards, gaming will be more fun to you. You will almost never get tired of playing your favorite games.

Choosing the best gaming keyboards comes with a lot of challenges as there are many inferior products in the market today. All you need is a perfect guide which will help you choose your dream keyboard and as well make you not regret buying it in the future. During the course of our research, we’ve brought out to you the top 7 best gaming keyboards which are of high quality, coupled with their different prices. All you’ve to do is to go through the product reviews on the next subheading below and find the one that will suit your taste.

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  1. SteelSeries Apex Pro
  2. Cosair K95 RGB Platinum
  3. HyperX Alloy Elite RGB
  4. Logitech K840
  5. Razer Cynosa Chroma
  6. Asus ROG Strix Scope
  7. Razer Huntsman Elite Edition
  8. Final Thought

SteelSeries Apex Pro

SteelSeries Apex Pro Price and Specifications:

Backlights: 16.8 million color | Switch: Omnipoint Adjustable | Pass through: Single USB | Size: Full size | Media Control: OLED | Wristrest: Detachable Magnetic | Price in Nigeria: N76,000 – N120,000

The Apex Pro is actually stunning. It’s a very solid, competitive, robust feature set gaming keyboard. The keyboard doesn’t require any groundbreaking customization. That’s to say, shifting the actuation point on a key-by-key pattern is an incredible action, especially for anyone that loves to split their time between typing and gaming.

If you’re finding it difficult to differentiate between a linear and tactile switch, then the Apex pro is the right keyboard for you. All you’ve to do is to set a deeper actuation for typing, or higher it when you need to spam keys in a MOBA or MMO. If you found out that you’re nailing a particular key when gaming, then all you’ve to do is to set the keys individually.

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Cosair K95 RGB Platinum


Backlights: RGP | Switch: Brown, Cherry MX Speed | Pass through: USB | Size: Full size | Media Control: OLED | Wristrest: Detachable Magnetic | Price in Nigeria: N73,000 – N120,000

Cosair K95 RGB Platinum

When you want to see the best out of a gaming keyboard, then the K95 RGB Platinum is the best choice for you. But before going for this keyboard, remember that this is a very big gaming keyboard. Its enormous size requires you to clear your table before it can be placed properly. But if you’re ok with that, then the Cosair K95 RGB platinum is the top choice for you. With some amazing features like USB pass-through, RGB lighting, a metal volume wheel, etc which will make your gaming adventure a memorable one.

Although is a little bit expensive, but this keyboard is really fantastic. Inside it is a detachable wrist rest, which makes it super comfortable while playing games for a long time. During gaming, switching sides is very easy with this keyboard. An excellent key response, wonderful dimpled keys, a decent spread of keys, coupled with a fast response makes this keyboard absolutely amazing for your best gaming seasons.

HyperX Alloy Elite RGB

HyperX Alloy Elite RGB – Price and Specifications:

Backlights: Red | Switch: Brown, red, Cherry MX brown | Pass through: USB | Size: Full size | Media Control: Dedicated | Wristrest: Detachable | Price in Nigeria: N46,000 – N80,000

Gaming Keyboards - HyperX Alloy Elite RGB

For your bright lit up in up to 16.9 million colors, the HyperX Alloy Elite RGP is the best choice for you. Even though it comes with all the features required of a gaming keyboard, it also possesses some amazing bright colors like brown, red, and Cherry MX Brown.

The HyperX Alloy Elite RGP comes with the best gaming keyboard features ever seen. It’s well equipped with many media controls, a detachable wrist rest, a USB pass-through, and full RGB backlighting. To add more beauty to it, the keyboard also comes with an extra range of silver keycaps for WASD, and it’s first four keys. The keyboard also possesses a fast response rate, that’s to say that you don’t have to stress your hands while playing any game. The keyboard price is also very affordable, I believe there’s nothing holding you from getting one for your games.

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Logitech K840

Logitech K840 – Price and Specifications:

Backlights: No | Switch: Logitech Romer-G  | Pass through: NO | Size: Full size | Media Control: Function keys integrated | Wristrest: NO | Price in Nigeria: N16,000 – N50,000

Logitech K840

The Logitech K840 is the best choice for a relatively low budget. It’s where the keyboards magic lies. Assembled in partnership with the Japanese switch giant Omron. The keyboard is made with a high quality durable front plate.

Because of its low price, there are no many amazing features in it. Some keyboard features like the keyboard’s USB passthrough, wrist rest, backlights, are all absent on it. However, it’s still rocking the Logitech Romer-G. Such an amazing keyboard for a low budget.

Razer Cynosa Chroma

Specifications and Price of Razer Cynosa Chroma:

Backlights: Per-key RGB | Programmable Keys: All | Passthrough: Wired USB | Features: supports Windows 7+ and OSX 10.8+, Per-key RGB lighting | Price in Nigeria: N22,000 – N40,000

The Razer Cynosa Chroma is well known for its quality membrane keys. In case you’re still a beginner with gaming keyboards, then the Cynosa Chroma is the best choice for you as it doesn’t require much typing/gaming experience before using it.

The Cynosa has one of the best feelings you’ll ever find on a keyboard. With an amazingly low profile keys ever seen. It’s also a budget-friendly keyboard as you don’t need to break the bank before getting one for your self, apart from that, it’s always reliable.

Asus ROG Strix Scope

 Specifications and Price of Asus ROG Strix Scope:

Backlights: RGB | Switch: Silent Red, Speed Silver, Red, Black, Brown, Cherry MX RGB Blue | Pass through: NO | Size: Full size | Media control: NO | Wristrest: NO | Price in Nigeria: N65,000 – N90,000

Asus ROG Strix Scope

The Asus ROG Strix Scope is a keyboard made for numerous functions. The keyboard is festooned with numerous RGB lighting, solid aluminum top plate, industrial design that’s popular in an era where light flashes and spectacles take precedence. The keyboard scope is durable, solid, and always reliable. And with numerous range of Cherry’s RGB switches, this scope can suit different gamers’ desires.

This keyboard also possesses some other amazing features which should appeal to sharp-shooter gamers. The full macro customization and the broadened left control keys will make it easy to hit during a fighting game, without accidentally hitting other keys.

Razer Huntsman Elite

 Specifications and Price of Razer Huntsman Elite:

Backlights: 16.8M color RGB | Switch: Razer Opto-Mechanical | Pass through: NO | Size: Full size | Media Control: Dedicated | Wristrest: Detachable Magnetic | Price in Nigeria: N64,000 – N80,000

Gaming Keyboards : Razer Huntsman Elite

The Razer Huntsman Elite is designed to take your gaming experience into another great level.  The Razer keyboard is the only place in the world you can find an optomechanical switch, and it’s one of the best switches you can find in the keyboard market. The optomechanical build actuation is always instantaneous.

The rest of the Razer Elite keyboard is well designed as well, with an amazing magnetic detachable wrist rest, a full set of dedicated media controls, and a multi-function dial pad that can be used for anything, like changing your PC’s volume to altering through the lights suites for the 16.8 million color RGB options. It also features some internal storage on the keyboard, which makes you save your preferences to a profile in case you want to move it to a different system. Apart from the tactile switches, it also possesses some amazing working speed.

Final Thoughts

For your gaming to become more entertaining, you’ll need the right equipments which will make you game like a professional. Gaming keyboards have really been of great help to many gamers today. With a perfect, fast response gaming keyboard, you’ll never get tired of playing your favorite games or competing with your friends.

Before going to get your dream keyboard, a lot of care and consideration NEEDS to be taken so that you won’t regret it in the future. Thousands of gaming keyboards are available in the market but not all are original. We’ve out listed the top 7 best gaming keyboards which you’ll choose from for your gaming adventure. All you’ve to do is to go through our reviews and select the one that’ll suit your liking.

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