Apple iOS 15 is now Available. Check out the Latest Features

After months of testing and tweaking, IOS 15 was finally launched on Monday, the 20th of September, and there are a lot of reasons that you should download it. Whether you are getting an iPhone 13 or have an iPhone 11, or even something older, your iPhone can run Apple’s latest version of software (IOS 15). On the whole, IOS 15 feels like a continuation of IOS 14. It does not alter the way your phone looks (at least, in a big way).

IOS 15 is not defined by just one or two giant features. Instead, it is made up of hundreds of small and medium additions and updates. It is also available on the iPhone 6S and newer, and that includes both the original SE and the new one released last year. IOS 15 can do a whole lot, including major changes to FaceTime, notifications, Apple Wallet and more. However, it is best to back your phone up first before upgrading to IOS 15. Check out some of the biggest changes and best features.

Focus Mode

ios 15 Focus Mode

     Focus mode lets you filter notifications based on what you are currently doing and organize apps and look at pages on your home screen to match your activity or state of being. With Focus, you are will be able to block notifications from certain apps and pause specific features. When you are using Focus, your status automatically displays in Messages, so others know not to interrupt you. Setting up Focus Mode or editing an existing one is very easy. You just go to Settings, and then tap on Focus. You can also schedule a Focus to start and end at a particular time, or you can use Control Centre to toggle them on and off at will. Do Not Disturb mode is still there, alongside Focus Mode.

Notification Summary

ios 15 Notification Summary

     In general, notifications will feel different in IOS 15. If you get overwhelmed with Notifications during the day, you can actually choose to receive notifications as a summary sent at specific times of the day. Instead of constantly being interrupted or distracted, Notification Summary collects information from apps that it feels you may be interested in, and displays them to you in a single sheet.

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Live Text

ios 15 Live Text

     This allows your iPhone to recognize texts in real time and type it out for you. You can use Live Text in real time with your camera to identify text, make phone calls, go to a website, and translate from one language to another. You can also use Live Text with photos on your phone or on the web by tapping the Live Text icon. Live Text can identify printed texts and handwriting, and the interface is so clean and easy to use.


Visual Lookup

ios 15 Visual Lookup

     Live Text is not the only ‘smart photos’ feature in IOS 15. There is also the feature called Visual Lookup which is a feature that will allow your iPhone to recognize and identify objects after taking a picture of them. This works both in the camera app, or already snapped photos.

Facetime Updates

ios 15 Facetime Updates

     With these updates, Apple is set to make Facetime videos even more lifelike. When having a facetime chat, you may notice spatial audio. This means that it may sound like the audio is coming from different locations. This is to make your group conversations easier to follow. Other handy new Facetime features are the mic filters. You can now toggle on and off a feature called voice isolation in order to block out all the background noise. You are also going to be able to toggle on Wide Spectrum Studio if you want your mic to pick up your surrounding audio.

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     There are few other Facetime features that may make it feel more like Google Meet or Zoom, starting with Grid View. Group calls can now be displayed in group format, which is like an individual tile or square for each participant. You are going to be able to rearrange the tiles too. You can also now blur your background in Facetime. This is available on Facetime via portrait mode.

     Another awesome new Facetime feature is the ability to schedule a Facetime ahead of time, or invite others to join Facetime via a link. You can create and share links, which makes Facetime a lot more like traditional video conferencing platforms. The best news is, you can also share the link to anyone, whether they are an IOS user or not.

Weather App

     The Weather App has been completely redesigned. In the app, there are a lot of new features like the background change which occurs based on the current weather of the location you switch it to. There are about a thousand different animations based on this. There is additional information of the overall temperature as well. It also tells you sunrise, UV index, the wind direction, visibility, pressure and more. 


ios 15 Messages

     There is an additional number of Memojis in messages, and various new accessories.


ios 15 Safari

     A major revamp is that the search bar is now at the bottom, making it far more friendly for users with larger phones. There is also an option of switching back to the usual top-of-the-screen search bar if it is more preferred. Another cool thing is that you can access a tab view where you can categorize other tabs.


ios 15 Maps

     The Maps app has a complete overhaul as well. There is far more detail on the app, helping you navigate especially in the 3D terrain. When you enter the 3D mode, the buildings are more modelled out with colour, and now reflect moonlight and sunlight in a way that they have never been able to before.

It also now has globe view, which is very detailed and topographical as well. It makes navigating easier, interface better, and the entire app far more beautiful.


all ios 15 updates

     Spotlight search has been upgraded as well. Now, you can find items, links and texts from various different apps in one place such as Messages or Photos. IOS 15 has also introduced new privacy settings to protect user information and enhance every user’s confidence in privacy.

The Health app too has an additional sharing tab that allows users to share their health data with friends and family, and assists users by giving them a way of focusing attention on every health change that matters.

Lastly, IOS 15 holds great updates in other aspects like New iPhone setup, Apple TV, Apple Translate, Accessibility and several more. There is a lot in store, and all that is needed to enjoy these wonderful features is the new IOS 15.

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