MTN Nigeria 5G Router – Setup and Configuration

In this article, we will delve into the MTN Nigeria 5G router, exploring its setup, configuration and what to expect upon purchasing it. Additionally, we will compare its speed with that of the Spectranet Mifi router, determining which one offers faster download and upload speeds.

If you’re curious about the contents of the MTN 5G Broadband router package, continue reading to discover all the details.

MTN 5G Broadband Router Unboxing:

When you purchase the MTN 5G Broadband router, you will find two main items in the package. Firstly, there is the router itself, and secondly, a power bank. The router package also includes a manual to guide you through the setup process. It’s important to note that the MTN Nigeria router is priced at NGN50,000 naira and comes with a hundred gigabytes(100gb) of data that is valid for 30 days.

Examining the Router:

MTN 5G Broadband Router Unboxing:

The router comes with various ports and buttons for different functionalities. At the back of the router, you will find LAN ports (LAN one, LAN two, LAN three, and LAN four), which allow you to connect desktop computers and laptops. There is also a power button for turning the router on and off, a charging port, a telephone port, a SIM card slot, and a Type-C port for unknown functionality. The front of the router displays indicators for 5G and 4G signals, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity. It’s important to note that the front buttons mentioned in the video are non-functional.

Setting Up and Testing the Router:

To power on the router, you can use the included power bank. After connecting the power bank, the router will take a few moments to boot up and display various indicator lights. During this test I noticed that my residence only had 4G coverage at that moment, but the MTN Nigeria router is 5G capable. As soon as the router is fully booted, it will indicate the signal strength and whether it is connected to 5G or 4G. During the test, the MTN 5G router showcased faster upload speeds compared to the Spectranet router.

Speed Test Comparison:

Let us proceeds to conduct a speed test by connecting to both the MTN 5G router and the Spectranet router using a laptop. Through the speed test website, measured the download and upload speeds of each router. Although the MTN 5G router is operating on 4G due to the area’s limited 5G availability, it still outperforms the Spectranet router (4G as well) in terms of upload speeds. This makes the MTN router ideal for those requiring fast upload capabilities.

NOTE: In some other locations the speedtest may produce entirely different results.


The MTN 5G Broadband router offers a reliable and high-speed internet connection. While we couldn’t test the router on a 5G network in my residence, we were still able to determine that the MTN router provided faster upload speeds than the Spectranet router. This makes it a suitable choice for users who frequently transfer large files or engage in online activities that require substantial upload speeds. If you’re in the market for a 5G router, the MTN 5G Broadband router is worth considering.

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