About Us

About Naijagadgets

Naijagadgets Africa is a secure and  resourceful online marketplace where buyers and sellers meet to trade technological devices online.

We are your number 1 plug for your devices, such as phones, tablets, smart watches, laptops, computers,  accessories, printers, scanners, security/surveillance equipment and the services of different engineers.

Due to the advancement in technology and looking at the high demand of quality, affordable and reliable means of online trading platforms, Naijagadgets.com is created to provide a secure hub for both retailers and customers; bridging the gap between the buyers and sellers from different parts of the country.

We have a vision to provide a very interactive experience between our buyers and sellers ensuring only quality products are sold and bought.

Only authentic sellers make their way to our website as we undergo various security protocols for optimum consumer protection hence tackling online scams; the vast majority of ads posted on our website are from only honest people that you can trust and do excellent business with.

We connect the gap between both small and major gadgets retailers in every state in Nigeria like that of the Computer Village in Lagos,  Garrison in PortHarcourt, Robinson plaza in Warri e.t.c.

So when you think of connecting to that popular store in your area, you can do it from the comfortability of your home or wherever you may be at any stipulated time. That's what we at Naijagadgets.com are about; seller's own their shops and put up their goods for visitors from all over Nigeria to see and contact them directly with the contacts displayed here. When you have a new or old gadget for sell you can sell it to buyers from the comfort of your home.


You can contact us for adverts or guest posts, sponsored articles, banner ads by sending an email to [email protected]