Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 Features and Price in Nigeria

The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2, is an amazing fitness tracker from the South-Korean tech giant, and the direct successor to the Galaxy Fit which was launched along with the cheaper Fit e last year. The Galaxy Fit 2 is a fitness tracker that has heart and sleep rates, including tracking steps.

Unlike the original Galaxy Fit, Samsung has now improved the fitness watch by adding an AMOLED touchscreen display to be a strong competitor to rival’s Xiaomi Mi Band 5. Also, Samsung has altered the physical button from the last Galaxy Fit to pave way for a more smooth, attractive, and streamlined design.

Equipped in that light sporty, slim band frame are capacitive sensors that do a nice job of monitoring sleep, tracking steps, and your exercise. Also, it offers automatic exercise tracking, but it’s more advisable to use the automatic one. However, the absence of GPS means exercise tracking is motion-based which left it in the accuracy department for outdoor activities like skipping, running, or jumping. Fortunately, the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 has a feature for optical heart rate monitor which enables recording of heart rate data during exercise and stress monitoring. However, if you’re expecting to see accurate heart rate data, the Galaxy Fit 2 fails short in all of those uses.

Apart from its health and fitness features, the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 offers smartwatch style features like the weather forecast, message support, music control, notification support, and lots of watches faces you can sync over from the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app. Also, the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, although Android devices allows you to respond to messages right from the watch.

The advertised 15 days battery life seemed to be the best we’ve seen so far, especially if you’re using common features like workout tracking and heart rate monitoring throughout the week.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 is a big step up from the original Galaxy Fit and worth replacing. If you’re a fan of a cheap fitness tracker that has an outstanding design and feels nice to wear with a lovely screen and does a great job of heart monitoring, tracking steps, and more, the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 is here for you. For anything beyond that though, here’s our full review and the current price of the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2.

Galaxy Fit 2 Specifications/Features
Size:1.5 inch
Clock Speed:1ghz
Battery Run Time(Up To):4days
Battery Technology:Lithium ion
Wireless Interface:Bluetooth 4.2, IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Wearing Style:wrist
Clock Display:Yes
Integrated Components:Heart rate sensor
Set Goals:Yes
Tracking Data:Activity, calories burned, distance, floors climbed, heart rate, sleep activity, steps taken, time
Protection:IP68 water resistant, dust resistant


Samsung Galaxy Fit 2: Design and Display

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2: Design and Display

You’ll get the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 on either color options of black or scarlet silicon bands equipped with an AMOLED touchscreen that weighs just 21g and measures 11.1mm thick. Fortunately, Samsung has altered the plastic bezel that was on the Galaxy Fit and replaced it with a more superior look between band and screen.

Interestingly, the display is now bigger with 1.1-inch for fans that love having a larger display smartwatch which is matched with 126 × 294 resolution (similar to Xiaomi Mi Band 5). Fortunately, the Galaxy Fit 2 offers smooth, vibrant, and rich colors which are bright enough when you set the brightness to maximum settings. Also, it offers decent viewing angles in bright outdoor light, especially for nighttime exercise sessions.

Over to the navigation, everything is on the AMOLED touchscreen display which is nice and responsive. Despite lacking a physical button on site, Samsung integrated a capacitive touchscreen area at the bottom of the display which acts as the navigation and can be used to return to the home screen.

If you like taking your fitness band to swim, then you’re covered with the 5ATM water-resistant on the Galaxy Fit 2. We’re not sure how long it can survive in a dip, but you’re guaranteed a sprinkle shower test and lets you put the new dedicated handwashing timer app to test without any issue.

Amazingly, the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 is a new lively fitness watch that’s enjoyable to be with. Fortunately, it doesn’t feel heavy on your wrist and looks attractive with a great quality display. The Original Fit was on the verge of becoming the best fitness band, and in the Galaxy Fit 2, that’s definitely more like it.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2: Everyday Use and Battery Capacity

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2: Everyday Use and Battery Capacity

Apart from the tracking workouts or counting steps, there are plenty of handful features that make the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 a bit more useful to have on your wrist. For beginners, there’s a notification feature that allows you to swipe right on the display to access the notification screen. Also, you’ll find a big app icon that shows you where that specific notification is sent from, and a tap will expand it.

However, the narrow screen allow you to read long messages by scrolling it, and also you can’t view photos or images sent in your direction. Fortunately, when the fitness watch is paired with an Android device, you’ll get the bonus opportunity of selecting a certain message you want to reply.

Also, there’s a music control panel, alongside a weather forecast, and the new handwashing app which is a timely addition too. The handwashing app offers a countdown that ensures you timely watch your hands especially in this Covid-19 wave and would send a vibration when you hit 0. Unfortunately, on a watch that’s this slim, there’ll always be a struggle for wide-angle features. However, what Samsung does offer works perfectly without any issues.

Inside the Samsung Galaxy, Fit 2 is a 159mAh battery capacity Samsung claims will last up to 15 days in usage and 21 days in low power mode. However, the daily battery durability will drop when you turn on the notifications or the screen at half of its maximum brightness. Also, an intensive workout session will bring down the battery closer to 15-20% in 7 days. However, if you’re a basic user without features like all-day heart monitoring, the battery will last closer to 15 days.

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Samsung Galaxy Fit 2: Fitness Tracking

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2: Fitness Tracking

By using the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2, you’re guaranteed the same things you could do with the first Fit and even more. Also, you’re getting accelerometer and gyroscope motion sensors that’ll track movement and automatically detect sleep. Meanwhile, there’s an optical heart rate monitor that offers the optical heart rate data during exercise. Unfortunately, the Galaxy Fit 2 lacks an altimeter that’ll track elevation or any form of GPS support that’s either onboard or connected to your handset.

For other daily activity stats, the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 offers you accurate steps taken, calories burned, and distance covered. Fortunately, Samsung provided a dedicated widget that view counts on the watchband, alongside other data in the Health app. The smart fitness watch will notify you if you stay inactive for long to make sure you stay active, and that’s pretty much motivation to move.

However, with the absence of GPS, you’re relying on the less unreliable method of using an accelerometer which is nothing compared to a GPS running watch. Amazingly, when it’s time to go to bed, there’s an automatic sleep tracker that provides data available on the band. It’ll automatically track sleep duration and offer amazing insights with a breakdown of light and deep sleep periods, REM, and awake. Also, you can view your average bed duration, wake up and sleep time to start looking closer at trends.

Accuracy-wise, the Samsung Fit 2 band is very reliable than Fitbit’s with very outstanding sleep monitoring skills and workout sessions. However, the entire sleep tracking experience with the Galaxy Fit 2 is awesome though, but there are some doubts over accuracy. Meanwhile, it’s certainly not the worst we’ve seen so far. In general, these features don’t drain much battery when used moderately. What we discovered is that you’re still getting more than seven days, with room to go further if you aren’t using the tracking exercise regularly.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2: Companion App

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2: Companion App

To fully utilize the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2, you’re going to create room for at least two apps on your phone. The first and most important is the Galaxy Wearable one where you can set the appropriate features like adjusting notification support, setting up quick responses, and modifying the order of widgets on the tracker.

Another important app to download is Samsung Health to route deeper into your health and fitness stats. However, nothing much has changed since the launch of the first Galaxy Fit. You have got the same but redesigned home screen where you can see your exercise history, step counts, heart rate, sleep tracking, and active time. Also, Samsung provides space where you can manually input data like blood pressure, and blood oxygen information from other Fitness apps.

On the app is a Together section where you can connect with other Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 users, participate in challenges, and see your stats match the average user. Another section is the Discovery tab which gives you access to mindful and meditation-themed audio, as well as fitness programs. However, not all of these features are free, some you’ll have to subscribe to, but it gives you useful features beyond simple tracking steps and sleep/heart rate monitoring.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2: Price in Nigeria and Availability

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2: Price in Nigeria and Availability

Despite the cheap offering, the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 offers simple but amazing features that are far above its budget. The launch of the latest Fit band sees the offering price drop from ₦79,000 (equivalent to $200) for the original Fit, to now ₦50,000 (roughly $120). It’s good to see Samsung react to the competition by offering more for less.

However, the drop in process doesn’t mean the features have dropped. You’re still getting many features above what you paid for and a mixture of fitness tracking and smartwatch features wrapped up in one slim band. Fortunately, you can get any of the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 at any notable online or offline tech outlet in Nigeria.

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