How to Play Wordle

Wordle is a viral gaming phenomenon that took the world by storm in 2022, becoming the world’s favorite new word game. The vibes of this gaming phenomenon are all over Twitter, which shares distinct grids of yellow and green squares.

 Wordle is a very easy game to play, but with so many exciting features that ask catapulted it above the competitive curve.

This article is here to expose how to play an exciting world game, just follow true, and in case you haven’t heard of Wordle before, it would be exciting to give you a try.

How to Play Wordle

How to Play Wordle
How to Play Wordle

Your goal as a user in playing this word game would be to guess a five-letter word displayed on the screen. You would be given a maximum of six tries to solve the puzzle.

After every attempt, as you try to solve the puzzle, the system will show you which of your chosen letters is correct and whether they are in the correct position. So, you keep making calculated guesses till you get it right, all within your six attempts.

Where to Play Wordle

Where to Play Wordle
Where to Play Wordle

There are no official apps so if you see anything close to claiming to be, it’s fake.

It was first hosted on the wordle website designed by creator Josh Waddle, what moved when did NYT but Wordle in early February. A lot of people think the NYT takeover created a change in the wordle game, but it hasn’t, it is free, and no ads involved just as it initially was.

When to Play Wordle

These games can be done once on a particular day. Oh yes; it’s a no three-hour time wordle section and you be working or resting. It’s reset at midnight every day, if you are psyched about it your eyes can be wide awake waiting for the next opportunity to dig in.

One of the major Wordles success states on social media it’s that sharing is encouraged, yet it does not seem to spoil the surprise for everyone who hasn’t played that day’s puzzle.

By the time you are clicking the share button, you get a grade of yellow and green squares representing the path you took, not revealing the actual letters.

And it makes it easy for people to post on Twitter or other social media platforms and it does not give the game away or an element of surprise not revealing the actual letters. And it makes it easy for people to post on Twitter or other social media platforms and it does not give the game away or element of surprise.

Everyone plays the same puzzle, it’s easy to compare the answers with that of others, be it strangers, friends, or foes.

It’s a big hit on Twitter, with several hashtags and search terms around it trending regularly. You will often see “Wordle 312” or any similar games with the “312” being the number.

And on a very challenging and intriguing day, you’ll get “Wordle 312X”. The “X” represents facts that a lot of people have failed.

What are wordle streaks?

wordle streaks
wordle streaks

Solving the day’s puzzle is what brings people to Wordle, the streaks make people keep coming back and it keeps the track of the number of games you have played and the number of your victories.

A lot of people have been playing for a very long time. But if you miss a game, your streaks will be lost, and your victories are only recorded on one device if you switch to any other device your tricks will be lost and the new device will automatically be 1.

Wordle Hard Mode

Wordle Hard Mode
Wordle Hard Mode

Wordle does not have many features, but it has a dark mode and a hard mode.

The hard mode forces you to play any correct letters on guesses.

So, if you have a green “T” starting it up, you must keep playing “T” from then on and when you get a yellow “E” in the words, then you must include “E” somewhere in the word too.

Sadly, Wordle is no longer available for free, you will need an NYT or NYT Games subscription to get through the paywall.

Creator Of Wordle

Creator Of Wordle
Creator Of Wordle

It was created by developer Josh Wardle, a guy you may be familiar with, he is behind the Reddit Projects “The Button” and “Place”, each of which was similarly brilliant.

When did wordle start?

It was created in 2013 but it was laid dormant until lockdown, it was released on the internet in October 2021, but it became popular in January 2022

Wordle is no doubt interesting among the word games in existence, its few amazing features it very popular in demand. Anyone can play Wordle, and it is free to play. Join the increasing user base of this exciting game.

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