iOS Vs Android Phones: Why iOS Phones Stand Out

The news of the launch of a new Samsung S23 sounds great to many phone users because it is reputed to have great features. It has one of the world’s biggest center-punch screens with high processing speed.

All these do not move IOS phone users because they strongly think that no android phone can be better than theirs. One reason behind their behavior is the fact that all popular apps that you can ever imagine are found in iPhones.

Why iOS Phones Stand Out

Those who think that IOS phones are better to do so against statistical evidence that more people use android phones than IOS. IOS phones integrate much software and do a lot of work on the hardware as well. Designs and research go into the development of IOS so it is capital intensive and expensive in the market compared to most android phones. So, people do not just use IOS phones for prestige, they use it because it has many great features.


In terms of speed, the iPhone XS scored 11,420 compared to the best version of android Galaxy S10 Plus 10,732. This implies that it has a much higher processor speed and it is faster compared to android phones. The faster a phone is the more efficient its features will be.

This is due to the A12 bionic chip that IOS phones have that gives them a super capacity for speed. Processor speed is all when it comes to phones because of how fast they are in do common phone operations. Even when your android phone has all that is required for your task, the desire for a faster phone operation may make you desire an IOS phone.

IOS are easier to use.

If you used an iPhone 10 years ago, you will still be able to use a new version of it today because the features remain the same especially the hardware. Although there is much improvement in its features, they are mainly usable and the same. But the same cannot be said of an android phone which changes almost totally as the years go by. There are different types of android phones and when compared to IOS, they are not easy to use.


Latest apps

Most recent apps like games, media apps, and more opt to launch on IOS phones rather than android phones because IOS has the reputation for having the best kinds of apps. It is not that they have a limited number of apps, it is the great quality of apps that makes IOS stand out. Before the android phone user gets to use the app, the IOS phone user must have enjoyed it for a longer period and maybe getting ready to try the latest one.

IOS works well with Mac

iPhone is a perfect match with Mac. It can be used to send and receive messages and even calls too when your iPhone is close by. Transferring of photos and videos can be done as well between iPhone and MacBook. For your information, there are over 100, million active MacBook users globally and it is a huge success story. Many of these users enjoy it.

Mobile payments

Apple pay is a unique feature in iPhone that supports mobile payments through payment terminals that allows you to make successful transactions by taking your iPhone closer to the payment terminal and placing your finger on the fingerprint area to authenticate the transaction. This gives it a greater value than androids.

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Support features

You don’t have to make any extra effort to resolve issues with your iPhone. There are many features to help resolve issues on the iPhone. It is a sharp contrast to resolving a problem with an android phone. Many android phone users ask about the issue on online platforms and do not easily get a quick fix for their issues.

IOS phones have maintained their great standards for many years because manufacturers are doing everything to make the experience a great one for users. That is why a lot of resources are deployed to research by engineers and designers. If you are still in doubt about the superiority of IOS phones over android phones, a trial will convince you.

Frequently Asked Question on Why iPhones stands out over Android Phones

What is the main advantage of iOS phones over Android phones?

iOS phones provide a cohesive and seamless user experience, strong security features, high-quality apps, timely updates, and seamless integration with other Apple products.

Why are iOS apps considered high quality?

Developers tend to prioritize iOS development because of the high revenue potential in the App Store, resulting in high-quality, well-designed, and functional apps.

Why are iOS phones known for their security features?

iOS phones offer features such as Face ID, Touch ID, and encrypted messaging, while Apple closely monitors the App Store to ensure all apps are safe and free from malware.

What is the main difference between iOS and Android phones?

While Android phones dominate the global smartphone market share, iOS phones stand out for their user experience, security, app quality, timely updates, and integration with other Apple products.

What is the main advantage of iOS phones?

iOS phones are known for their quality and user experience, as well as their strong security features and high-quality apps.

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