10 Best 43-inch Smart TVs 2021 in Nigeria

The Evolution of smart flat-screen smart TVs is something worth commendable. Nowadays, you hardly see those big box-like TVs that occupies larger portion of your room. The flat-screen TVs have taken over the market today. Many TV producers like the likes of LG, Hisense, Samsung, etc. are now deploying the flat-screen TV models.

If you’re looking for medium-sized TV, those that won’t take much of your room space, then the 43-inches is the best choice for you. They’re neither big nor small, so they’re the best TV choice for you. For many people, the 43-inch TVs is the preferred size for their rooms. It’s big enough to deliver a quality picture portrait needed at a sensible viewing distance, but not big to the larger inch TVs or like that of the cinemas.

The 43-inch TVs are the first screen size where you begin to find the higher resolutions of 4K Ultra HD. The 43-inch TVs are not big when placed next to a 60-inch TV but don’t underestimate this size if your room doesn’t have much space needed for a bigger screen. If you don’t have a perfect space for large screen TVs, then the 43-inch is the ideal TV for you. No matter the medium size, it still packs a number of good quality features.

If you’re worried about large screen TV dominating your room, then the 43-inch display is a good approach to prevent it. Apart from the size, they’re much cheaper than their bigger compatriots. We’ve selected 10 best 43-inch screen TVs that will suit your taste and render you quality viewing services your heart desires. Kindly go through our TV reviews and choose the best type that will suit your taste.

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Our Best 43-inch Screen TVs at a Glance

  2. LG UM75
  4. SONY XH85
  5. HISENSE B7500
  6. SONY XH80
  7. TCL EP658
  8. Samsung TU7000
  9. Sony XG70
  10. Philips 43PUS6704


Price in Naira: N360,000-450,000

The Samsung Q60R is a comprehensive smart TV. It seems no one told Samsung that 43-inch TVs are dominated by mid-range product models. The Q60R renders quality TV view despite its small size. The smart use of quantum dot technology gives Q60R a clear verdict of the best 43-inch TV. With clear bright colors, higher image brightness, and support for HDR10+ adds more quality to the smart TV.

The Samsung Q60R is a fantastic, smart HDR TV. Samsung makes sure to include the smart technology voices of both Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. As if that’s not enough, they included the streaming services of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV, Disney Plus, YouTube, etc. to give you the maximum entertainment you need. The gamers are not left out as there’s space where you can enter a very low lag and enhancement options.

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Price in Naira: N171,000- 250,000

The UM 75 is an amazing TV designed by LG. The 43-inch LCD TV uses a direct backlight for brighter HDR, 4K IPS panel for larger viewing angle, and a quad-core processor for superior upscaling. Another amazing feature is the DTS-virtual designed for improved Sonic performance, a low input lag designed for the game lovers, and some space left for Apple’s Airplay2.

The smart voice assistance of Google Assistance and Amazon’s Alexa is not left out on this smart TV as it helps to turn your 4k TV into a fully functional digital TV. The image quality and processing are also good for a TV on such a budget.

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Price in Naira: N800,000-950,000

When it comes to the best picture quality 43-inch TV, then the Panasonic HX940 is the best choice. It’s the best smart TV for movie lovers as its high-end intelligent dimming coupled with the upgraded brightness and colors adds more quality to the pictures. Another interesting part of it is that it not only supports Ultra-HD, but also the entire versions of high-dynamic-range including that of HDR10+, and Dolby Visions.

The sound system is not left out too as it’s featured with a set of mild sound speakers and Onboard Dolby Visions. The reason why it’s highly sorted among its close competitors is that it’s easier to use. It also includes a set of live movie streaming channels that keeps you entertained all day.

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Price in Naira: N450,000-550,000

If you’re looking for a TV with nice striking sleek designs, then the Sony XH85 is the best TV option for you. Sony makes sure it’s made with high-quality aluminum bezels and pure blade to make it look nice and attractive. The Sony XH85 is not all about the looks alone, it also uses an Ultra HD Triluminos panel coupled with edge LED backlighting. This smart TV includes the latest X1 4k HDR image processor which delivers wider image colors and brighter backlights for HDR.

Apart from the XH85 nice looks and image quality, another stunning feature is the decent TV speakers, powerful amplifiers, and Sony’s clear face smart technology. As it uses Android’s operating system making it a smart 4k TV. It also includes a Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. This proves that small size TVs sometimes have more quality features than most bigger sizes.


Price in Naira: N170,000- 240,000

The Hisense B7500 is the TV that gives you the maximum value of your money. Just like most of Hisense TVs, it sports a simplified but intuitive smart system. This Hisense TV supports a range of free video streaming channels like YouTube, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. The B7500 is the best value on TV.

The Hisense B7500 isn’t just a smart TV, it also looks simple and neat. The added LED backlight and support for HDR including Dolby Version adds more quality features to it. There’s also a sharp impressive image processing for sharp clear vision and a low input lag for game lovers.

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Price in Naira: N325,000-480,000

The Sony XH80 is a TV specifically designed for sports lovers. The 4k Triluminos panel makes use of the X-Reality PRO pictures enhancing engine which includes LED backlighting. Because of this image features, colors are wider and highlights are brighter for HDR. Sony’s XR motion flow produces smoother and more detailed motion, especially on fast-paced sports actions.

Apart from the impressive graphics, it also renders Sonic sounds thanks to the TVs decent speakers, numerous amplifier grunt, and Sony’s clear phase smart technology. Another feature of this TV is Android’s operating system which includes Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. Overall, the Sony XH80 is a solid quality TV best particularly designed for sports lovers.


Price in Naira: N165,000-280,000

If you’re looking for a low budget solid 43-inch TV, then TCL EP658 is the best choice for you. The EP658 possess some amazing features with micro dimming, AI image enhancement tech, edge-lit 10-bit panel, quad-core, and HDR10 support system. There’s also a strong Dolby audio and sound systems which supports full-range speakers, alongside decent amplifier for a smart TV.

Despite the TCL EP658 low price, it also uses same Android operating systems found on most expensive TVs, and offers all their supported benefits like video streaming channels, Freeview play, etc.

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Samsung TU7000

Price in Naira: N132,000-250,000

The Samsung TU7000 is a perfect balance of price and quality. The 43-inch TV’s UHD resolution is combined with Samsung’s crystal color to create a perfectly clear and bright image portrait. The user experience is simple with this TV, the Tizen OS and smart menus are very easy to access and navigate.

The sound system is more upgraded than the previous version. There are loads of entertainment options like Netflix, YouTube, Apple TV, etc. as Samsung tends to give you the best satisfaction you ever desire.

Sony XG70

Price in Naira: N273,000-400,000

Sony XG70

This Sony Bravia TV might not be popular like other TVs but the quality and features it possesses are quite large for this 43-inch size. It boasts lots of 4k HDR quality which makes the pictures to be super bright and clear. The outer part design is quite awesome. Some amazing touches included a cable-tyding system that’s slim and with nice sleek curves at the edges.

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Apart from the looks and image quality, the XG70 also comes with video streaming channels which will keep you entertained all day long.

Philips 43PUS6704 Smart TV

Price in Naira: N188,000-300,000

The Philip Ambilight TV is a perfect match for a low budget 43-inch TV. The Ambilight technology renders color-matched backlighting which helps to enhance your viewing immersion in whatever content you’re playing. The Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision photo quality makes the pictures clearer and more compatible. Although it doesn’t have the smart technology of Philip’s and other Google TVs, the immersive picture package it offers is quite impressive for such a price tag.

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