Top 5 Android 12 Beta Features 2021

Like IOS devices, the Beta program has provided an avenue for android phones to enjoy updated features regularly with improved performance and features. Android 12 Beta has many new features that have improved its overall outlook to android users. If you heard about its new privacy update; it will interest you to know that not only privacy about many other features were imported on. It feels great to use an android phone now.

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To sign up for your android device on the Android beta program, visit You can do this through your Google account. It is available for Smartphone devices such as Pixel 3, 3a, 4, 4a, and 5 Other 5G models can also be part of it. Android 12 Beta has many promising features and it will be finally unveiled sometime in September 2021 but the news of its features is exciting.

Privacy Dashboard

There is now a special provision for privacy in Android Beta that allows users to see what apps are accessing data and what data they are accessing on their phones. This is a feature that everyone will love because there is heightened concern about the data sent to third-party sites by apps on many android phones. If any app in your android phone accessed data, you will be notified in the privacy dashboard. It is also very interactive because users can message developers to explain why their apps accessed certain data and feedback will be provided by the developers. It is a transparent and secure feature.

Network connections

It is much easier to manage your network connections as a result of the new update in features. You will still have your connectivity settings but in a simpler form that can be easily used. You will be able to sort out network issues with your service provider and the network connectivity. It will interest you to know that the Wi-Fi button located in the quick setting areas of your android phone has been replaced with an internet button to enable you easily activate a Wi-Fi connection choose a network. Users can also switch on data for use. If you use a dual SIM, you will be able to switch to a refereed one easily using this feature.

Privacy and Security

This update did not come with privacy alone, it has some security features that ensure that nothing happens from external apps without your knowledge. If any applications try to access your phone’s microphone or camera, it will be indicated and you will see it. Greater control for users is what determines how secure a phone will be given the high rate of data exploitation from apps without the knowledge of phone users.

Compatibility of apps

You can now test the functionality of apps before installing them on your device. There is no need to install an app and then get worried over its malfunction. You can install the app through the new feature and test it by using it through the test feature, observing how it flows and its compatibility to your phone before installing. It has great features for developers because they can know how apps work and how functional they are in certain devices before releasing them.

Great interface and visuals

There is an improvement in design as well. Using the “material design, it adopts many aesthetic properties such as changes in the color of phone interface to match with wallpaper, Media controls, and volume have also been well positioned and provides more space. Whoever says great look does not count as an improved feature may not have seen much of the Android 12 which will be officially released in September.

With more improved features, users will enjoy using their android phones. It will be a great service to android phone users who constitute more than 80% of phone users. They will feel more secure using android phones knowing that their data is not just a tool to be exploited by apps. Phones will now serve their true purpose which is to make life easier through many features rather than exposing users to many risks. That is why android phone users are looking fo9rward to more amazing features.
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