How to get a starlink starter pack and set it up in Nigeria

Starlink internet service was just approved in Nigeria in the month of May 2022 and is anticipated to be fully operational in the country by the second half of 2022.

Since Starlink’s mission is to provide internet access via low earth orbital (LEO) satellites, the internet has been buzzing since this news, which was announced via Twitter by the owner and billionaire, Elon Musk. It currently provides services in 32 countries.

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According to Data Reportal’s “Digital 2022 Nigeria” report, 49 percent (about 104.9 million) of Nigeria’s population currently lacks internet access due to limited internet service infrastructure.

Other Nigerians, on the other hand, use data bundles provided by companies such as 9mobile, Airtel Nigeria, Spectranet, and MTNN to connect to the internet. However, users of these services frequently complain about slow internet speeds and random outages.

With the arrival of Starlink, Nigerians will have more options for internet service providers. As a result, the new internet service provider will compete with MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile, Spectranet, and others.

Starlink is targeting the unconnected to ensure they are connected, just as most digital banks are looking for ways to ensure everyone in Nigeria is financially inclusive.

This is a good idea for rural areas where internet service providers are slow to extend their masts in order to provide access to high-speed internet. Rural communities can now access internet services in the same way that cities do.

How To Get A Starlink Starter Park

 Starlink Internet Starter Park

What is the price of Starlink?

Following its approval in Nigeria, Starlink is requesting that consumers order installation kits by making a deposit on its website,


To obtain the service, Nigerians will have to pay a one-time fee of $500 (N207,000) for the equipment and approximately $60 (N25,000) for shipping, as well as a monthly fee of $99 (N41,000).

Steps To Get Starlink Internet

  • To begin, go to Starlink’s website at The website includes an Order Now section.
  • Fill in the service address or location where you want the service delivered. If your address is eligible, you will see a list of nearby areas.
  • Starlink will also include a headline on the same page stating that coverage in your area is expected in 2022, with limited availability and on a first-come, first-served basis. After that, users must enter information such as their first and last names, phone number, and email address. They will then be required to enter their credit card information in order to make a $99.00 deposit.

How To Install It Once It Has Been Delivered

Unbox The Kit

You must assemble the dish and mounting base after unpacking your Starlink kit. Begin by unplugging the dish’s connection cable. It comes plugged in, and you must unplug it to insert the dish mast into the mounting base.

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After that, slide the dish mast into the mounting base. Make sure the groove on the mast corresponds to the corresponding rail inside the mount. After installing the mast, connect the 75-foot connector cable with the straight plug connector.

Make sure the cable connector is inserted far enough. When the plug is properly seated in the socket, you should hear a distinct click.

Find A Good Position For The Starlink

The assembled dish is then mounted and positioned for optimal satellite reception.

Use the Starlink app to find a good position; it has an interactive tool that helps you find and validate the proper position for a new dish, but the guidelines are simple enough to understand.

You must have a clear view of the sky and at least 100 degrees of free space above and around the dish. Because the dish does not maintain a fixed orientation, a large unobstructed swath of sky is required.

Mount The Dish

It is now time to mount the dish after scanning and validating your position. For simple installations, simply place the dish mount on the ground.

What To Note :

Starlink is well-known for its impressive internet speed of 104Mbps, which is significantly faster than the average cellular internet speed of 17.38Mbps.

Furthermore, the use of LEO satellites is likely to significantly reduce internet downtimes and network signal unavailability in remote areas and faster internet in Nigeria will attract more technology advancements and business prospects.

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