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Apple has announced its mission towards extending the number of authorized repair shops to include Mac computers. This means that third-party repair shops can now service Mac computers, including Apple MacBooks, and iPhones.

This third-party repair program was launched last year but it was only applicable to Apple iPhone mobile devices. However, the good news now is that the independent service repairs now includes Mac computers, MacBooks, and former iPhones.

Apple’s COO, Jeff Williams released a statement saying; “We’re happy to expand our independent service repair provider program to the Mac computers so that customers can have an additional way to have their Mac serviced with Apple genuine parts,”

He further extended his statement saying; “When a device needs repairs, we want people to have access to a safe and reliable solution – this latest expansion joins the thousands of repair locations we’ve added over the past year. We’re looking forward to bringing that convenient and trustworthy repair experience to our Mac users.”

Apple’s Authorized Third Party Repair Shops is currently available in the UK, US, Canada, and some other European countries. There are over 5,000 authorized third-party repair shops worldwide and they’re competent in devising both in and outside warranty repair services without going against the warranty conditions. They’re all qualified technicians and are provided with Apple’s working tools. They render effective quality services to their customers as Apple tends to offer the best service to its consumers.

Note that customers who want to repair their Macs can get it done for free at any approved independent shops. This is applicable only when the computer’s fault is covered with warranty, apply security plan or customer law. Apart from that, the amount they’ll charge depends on your system’s issue.

In our article today, we’ve included 10 lists of Apple’s authorized third party shop repairers for Macs, to help you know where you can repair or service your Mac computers, alongside their different contact details. If your location is not here, you can find one through the Apple service support, and find the available third-party repairer for your Mac computers.

  1. Amys Repair Shop, London, UK

Phone: 020 8660 9999. Email:

  • Computer Advantage, Savannah.

Phone: 912-920-3440

  • Basic Entry Level LTD, Lagos, Nigeria

080 564 683 80

  • Cybercom Systems, Lagos, Nigeria

Phone: 0803 401 2374

  • Best buy Services LTD, Canada & Mexico

Phone: 1-888-237-8289

  • FloridaPro, Florida

Phone: 850-228-5276

  • Core1

Phone: 905-849-0737,

  • Wearescout, United States


  • Apple Experts, Alberta, Canada

Phone: 403-473-1253 | 403-413-9000

  1. Ubertechs, Lancaster.

Phone: 05439877