iOS 15: All the Privacy focused features that apple announced

Apple has revealed that IOS users will enjoy greater privacy with its new operating system. It wants to protect users from the dangers associated with strangers accessing their information through their phones. This was made known to the public on Monday during its 2021 developers’ conference. Technology companies often organize conferences for technology enthusiasts to facilitate progress in the industry.

The Apple 2021 Worldwide Developers Conference took place on the 7th of June and it is an annual event that guides the direction of the company with regards to software development for its iPhones.  It was not all about its iOS 15. Other apple products like the iPadOS 15, watchOS8, macOS 12 Monterey were also talked about.

However, the privacy features in its future app were of interest. When it comes to privacy, iOS devices stand out as the best compared to android phones but the company is not resting and they are doing more to further tighten the privacy of users. People can be very sensitive when it comes to their details like bank details, messages, files, and more.

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Most iOS phone users already know that the company provides apps in the phone which are fixed. That is, unlike android phones, not just any app can be installed. That is why they are making user-centered apps that respond more to the yearnings of users. They are capitalizing on the biggest strength of the IOS device which is the privacy of users.

In the technology conference of 2021, they announced that new app features for sharing like FaceTime, Wallet, and Messages have been encrypted to ensure the security of messages, shared files, and chats. The software will be updated on all iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV devices to ensure greater privacy. This will be made possible because of the adoption of the User IP address in the mail app to stop the prying eyes of marketers and outsiders.

Its move to ensure the privacy of user’s details will be further advanced by its plan for the Apples Safari web browser. The browser will now come with a VPN that allows users to browse using proxy servers that keeps their information safe. The VPN will stop the stealing of information from people that surf the internet. Information from internet users is often tapped for marketing and other purposes. This is an introduction to a new security feature that all IOS users will love.

It is not the first time that Apple is taking a major step to ensure the privacy of its users is secure. It had introduced a way of letting users know how apps collect the personal details of users. These are known as nutrition labels. This will ensure that users are informed before they start using certain apps. This effort was followed by the introduction of more app privacy report features in their device to let you know how app developer companies and third parties make use of personal information like photos, location, and more.

The right to privacy is a human right that must be respected. In the past, it has been compromised by many third-party apps and utilized for business and marketing purposes. Even politically, too. With the introduction of new security features, users and apple phones can now enjoy many apps without any concern that their data can be accessed and utilized by third-party apps.

Statistics has shown that over 1000 phones get stolen daily, IOS phones are specifically targeted because of their parts which can be broken and sold at a high cost. But the greatest threat to smartphone users are the data that are being tapped by apps without their knowledge. Some apps inform users about their policies before installation but IOS users do not install.

Apps in IOS phones are preinstalled before the phone gets to the users. They can only use the apps in their iPhone. Now with the introduction of these privacy features, they will enjoy using apps without any fears that their personal data will be tapped by third party apps.

Going by its antecedents, it is expected that Apple will hold another event by September to launch anther iPhone with improved features. It may happen on the 14th or 15th of September based on reports from Macworld.
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