Best ten(10) Apple Watch apps in Nigeria 2021(Updated)

It’s being an incredible journey for the Apple Watch app industry. Last year, it seems as if the watch app has lost its scintillation, with many popular apps languishing. The problem isn’t about the apps being a bad idea, but the question is that some apps use to answer wrong questions, deviating from the one it’s meant to answer.

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However, this year, WatchOS 6 has brought an app store to your Apple Watch. This might encourage app developers to take the Apple watch more seriously by developing the right apps which will suit the watch. These Apps are very cheap as you can get one for as low as $1 monthly. It’s not that high, you can give it a try and confirm for yourself.

Apps might not be the first thing you need to know when getting an Apple Watch, but many great developers have put some efforts and ideas towards creating a well-being app that will also serve as a watch guide to the users. Since the second revolution of Apple Watch Apps, their main focus has been centered on fitness. A lot of Apps have been developed to assist the public to work out. Some of them are connected to the gym but doesn’t mean that all the apps are for health. Some are developed to assist you in your daily activities.

Our Best 10 Apple Watch Apps are the Apps that will give you maximum satisfaction of what you need. We added them because they’re useful and entertaining. In this guide, you’ll find apps that will help keep you in good health and happiness, getting done, for sorting things out, etc. So dive in and center your focus here as we guide you through the best apps that will satisfy you.

A Quick Glance of Our Top 10 Best Apple Watch Apps

  1. Vekt: Weight Tracker
  2. Heart Analyser
  3. Peloton
  4. Starva: Run and Ride Training
  5. Rocket Body
  6. Seven-7 minutes workout
  7. Slopes
  8. Nike Run Club
  9. Headspace
  10. WebMD

Vekt: Weight Tracker

Regulating your body weight through the Apple health app can be a little bit frustrating and irritating. You’ll experience severe connection problems, especially when using WiFi scales. If you choose to add them manually, you’ll encounter some foible. With Vekt, you won’t have to experience all these frustrations. It offers you a simple matrix which you can use to check your measurements, and automatically displays your BMI.

Apart from this, the Vekt app enables you to set a target for weight loss or weight gain. It also offers you a space to set a reminder for your daily workouts which helps to motivate you and keep you fit. You can also add some data through your voice by using the Siri shortcuts support. It can also go through your existing health details from the health app if you wish.

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Heart Analyser

The updated heart Analyser has a much better improvement than the 2017 version 7. It works best when connected to the iPhone. While on your wrist, heart Analyser comes with upgraded customized infograph faces where you can see your heart rate charts right in front of you.

This Apple Watch app offers accurate live heart rate monitor and trend charts, your work out sessions, and weekly matrix. It also puts down calories burned and the distance traveled. It works best when connected to iPhone allowing you to see your personal matrix such as day/night resting frequency, average heart rates, etc. The upgraded version makes things more balanced and easier to access.


Peloton is developed to assist you in cycling, apart from that, it’s a fitness helper for running, yoga, and to help regulate your training sessions. It also helps with meditations through it’s learning sessions. It also offers streaming views of live video classes, your progress track, and added music playlist to keep you motivated.

The interesting aspect of this peloton app is that you can use Chromecast to transfer videos from iPhone or iPad to supported TVs for a bigger screen interface. It also shows the matrix for runs, heart rate tracking for your exercise, and all their stats.

Starva: Run and Ride Training

Starva is a well-known app for fitness fans. It’s a popular app to swimmers, runners, and cyclists. The upgraded version offers support for Apple Watch, enabling you to sync the workout activities you’ve recorded with Apple’s workout app. Apart from this, online tracking brings out your overall fitness sessions, showing you their whole matrix.

The amazing aspect of this starva app is its social aspect. It surpasses other GPS-enabled fitness apps. It allows you to compare your fitness performances with your friends and you can also compete with them. This adds more fun to your training seasons.

Rocket Body

The Rocket body is specially designed for fitness-minded sportsmen. Apart from recording your fitness activities, it also predicts your recovery, allowing you to make out time for future fitness workouts. It also guides you on your calorie outlays during workouts and your total food.

Rocket body main app is being around for a while but it’s Apple Watch app is still new. The watch app allows you to control your workout tracking right from your wrist, displaying your total time, calories output, and your current heart rate. The Rocket body app is a free app, but you’ve to subscribe for you to enjoy the total services it offers.

Seven-7 minutes workout

The seven minutes app just like the name implies allows you to do all your work out sessions within seven minutes. It gives you the courage that you can get fitter by dedicating seven minutes of your time without any gym or coach, just you and your Apple watch.

Because of Apple’s watch screen size, it’s better connected to a phone for it to view properly. The app is very easy to use. It’s packed with a variety of physical exercises and provides the daily report chart of your workout sessions. Once you know the right exercise to do, you can rely on your watch to time your exercises.


The 2018 upgraded slopes app introduced an improved snowboarding and skiing tracker for Apple watch. This is a massive advantage to slopes as you can use the improved APIs to gather more accurate track charts than before. With slopes App, you can keep records and track your distance, speed, sky lift, time, etc getting all this information right on your wrist. You can also share the gathered information with your iPhone.

Slopes App is very clear as crystal, it detects your runs and lifts automatically. It can bring out a replay of your runs in a 3D formats, showing your average speed on each bit of the run. Just like many other apps, it also integrates with your Apple health app and also offers some free services, but you need to subscribe for you to get the total features and services it offers.

Nike Run Club

The ongoing partnership between Nike and Apple continues to generate more positive outcomes. The Nike Run Club app is developed with Siri suggestions, the app can suggest you take a look at your previous run activities, plus the added infograph faces charts which shows how far you’ve run for the month.

The Nike Run app tracks and records all your runs sessions with the inbuilt GPS. It gives you the perfect guide to choose the best audio songs which will keep you motivated while running. With many quality features the app offers, there are no many free activities on it. So you’ve to subscribe to a premium for you to get the most out of it.


If you’re a type that’s too busy and can’t make out time for your self due to work stress or other stuffs, the Headspace is here to give you perfect coaching and mindfulness which will make you feel calmer without much effort. The Apple Watch app is designed to work best on the iPhone and iPads.

Headspace acts as a fitness reminder and personal coach to you. It encourages you to pick up an exercise and focus on it for the allocated time. The Apple Watch app is a very nice companion to you but what might scare you away is the price. Although the app is free, you’ll need a premium subscription for you to access the entire features. The subscription for each month starts from $12, you can also subscribe for $94 a year plan.


WebMD can be any app to you but will be a great medical assistant to some people. The Apple Watch app helps to keep you healthy as well. It tells you that your mild headache might be serious brain cancer. It compares your little sickness to some serious diseases. This might look scary and funny at times but it’s meant to persuade you to go and see a medical practitioner before it’s too late.

WebMD offers you details of your medical appointments alongside the drug dosages and tells you the time you need to take it. It can also tell you whether you need to take the drugs on empty stomachs or eat before taking them. With the Apple Watch App, you can also read the precautions of specific drugs and find out whether you need to see a doctor or hideout and catch up with the latest health news from many sources.

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