Google play store not working? Fixes and solutions for Africans

Google Play Store is one of the most valuable app on most smartphones, especially Android Phones. It is also available for iPhones, in the Appstore. That shows how important it is to unlock the full potentials of your phone. Even if a more advanced phone is produced in the future, it will still require an app like the Google Play store to enable you to access the features efficiently without taking away your freedom to choose what you will like to use.

If you use an iPhone or iPad then you should be concerned about the app store on your phone and will have to wait for our next post because our focus is on android phones that have google play store. Google play store is an app on android phones that contain different kinds of app that the user can install and use. It is often updated with new apps so you don’t need a new google play store when a new app is released. It simply goes there and you can search for them.

Like a big silo, it contains games, music apps, social network apps, dating apps, news apps, educational apps, phone security apps, and more. Once you find an app that you want to use you can install it by downloading then accepting the terms of use. Such terms may include granting the app access to your files, cameras, or GPS.

So, if the app is not working you may not enjoy using your android phone. Here are a few things that can go wrong with your google play store app.

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Your Google Play Store is Outdated

You may need to do an update on your google play store app if it has issues. Most times an update will be recommended and all you need to do is to tap the update button and you will be able to use the Google play store again. It is pretty simple to do this. Updating your app enables you to enjoy new features that were added to your app and more improved features. Sometimes it is improvement in security features that often warrants an update so its benefits are often more than its limitations.

Corrupted files, virus attack.

Your google play store may malfunction along with other apps on your phone if the phone is under a virus attack. Corrupted files in the phone can also make your google play store malfunction. Various can change a lot about your phone without your permission. You may start seeing strange apps that you did not install. It can be annoying but that is not all. Apps can also crash because of a virus attack.

You are out of data

You won’t be able to access the google play store if your data is exhausted. Renew your network data connection and you will be able to use the google play store again. It is not an issue to be out of data except that you won’t have access to the app until your data connection is restored. Aside from the factors outlined here, your google play store app may also malfunction for many reasons. That is why you should follow each time you encounter challenges using the app.

Clearing cache data to fix google play store issues

Clearing caches frees up some space to allow your app to work more efficiently. You can clear them by selecting “settings”, app and notifications, then ” storage”. Clearing caches works most times when Google play store malfunctions. If you were trying to download an app and it didn’t work, you can try again after doing this.
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